two must haves to thrive in your life

Before I reveal my two secrets for life, I have a question for you: 

Are you going to leave things hanging??

Hanging on for love?? Hanging on for the right one. Hanging on for dear life.
Hanging on for the right moment??
Hanging on for when. things. get.better.
Hanging on for when all 'the things' fall into place??
Hanging on by a heart string....
Hanging on aka waiting aka procrastinating aka non-action... which is a form of action that keeps you right where you are. Hanging on, like the figure in the picture above.

You can stop that.  Trust me.
Better yet, trust You.
And trust your breath to be there for you, with you ... on every breath ;)

(No, I couldn't help myself. Truth is like that, obvious, to the point, even when it reads kind of corny).

And now to share with you:

to thrive, and live beyond hanging on or hanging in

1. your breath

2. love

You can try
Fasting and cutting carbs might be great for your health, but try not breathing and you wont be hanging on in anyway for too long.... minutes perhaps.

You can try
Swearing off love or deciding that what you have is good enough, all you are going to get... or whatever your 'love' shtick is...but....

The truth is, we humans need love, and when we don't believe we are receiving it, we don't thrive.

Not only does life get dull, we get dull. Our health is negatively impacted, our immunity decreases and our state of mind, well I probably don't need to spell that out for you.

Infants that don't experience love do not thrive and may not even survive (they suffer "failure to thrive" including developmental delays, poor health and immunity, inhibited ability to connect and bond with others), I was going to link to some studies, but they are rather gruesome, so either take my word for it, or go google. And you need love just as much now as you did when you were an infant.

You don't *need* to go anywhere to get your breath or find yourself some love.
Both of these life essentials are available to all of us in every moment, for free.

And, because the way we breathe is impacted by our life experiences and emotional state,  you may need to help yourself a little to experience them and all their potential to heal, support and uplift you - sure you are breathing, but how much has your breath shifted from it's natural flow?

This is the purpose of Rebirthing Breathwork,  to return to you your natural breath.

Most of us today are overbreathing, and/or our diaphragms are locked - both as responses to life events, and both depriving our bodies of the healthy available oxygen levels that are required for clear thinking, healthy organs and a primed immune system.

Every system in your body is not getting what it needs.

As for love, it's there, we simply don't have a clear idea of what it is or all the ways we could already be experiencing it  - mostly we believe it comes the way our primary caregiver(s) did or didn't give it to us.

That may be your life and love history, but it doesn't have to be your present or future - changing your breath can literally change your neurons and the way you experience the world.

Here's a visual of Neurons connecting - neurons that fire together wire together - this is your thoughts in action:

This is the kind of change we are activating when we shift our breath, which shifts your thoughts, and your brain has to change to accommodate that.

Shifting your breath literally reshapes and rewires your brain.

Joining us on Friday evening, the 17th of May for Breathe L O V E is your opportunity to change your breath, get your neurons firing differently, and explore a different experience of L O V E.

Breathing. Love. The two things you need to live and thrive.

Breathe in a more supportive way, and clear away the things that are blocking your from your full experience of the Love that is.

[ And yes, there will be gluten free, sugar free so yummy you wont believe it cake and tea as well - some love for your guts as well! ]

L O V E. the secret glue to everything.
not much to do with soppy cards, romantic liaisons or something that you have to find or hang on to.
L O V E is.
and that is not a question.
it's an experience. breathe it.

Bookings essential if you wish to join us in May - we are about half full already, and the earlybird price is going until May 10th.


And prepare to breathe a new breath, to clear old beliefs around love, and to help you reconnect to love as the source of life. No more hanging on for dear life.

NEXT Monthly group rebirthing breathwork session to breathe in connection with yourself and others.

  • Breathe L O V E  |  6.30-9.30pm, Friday 17 May
    $75 earlybird until May 10
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  • One - on one more your style?? Sign up for a series of personal rebirthing sessions to get into a deeply personal way of clearing your inner "stuff" - from healing trauma (early and other), to loss of passion, relationship troubles, finding new directions, to radically reducing the impact of stress and getting out of your head - wherever you need clarity, healing and/or support - Rebirthing Breathwork is a gentle embodied