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A Wisdom & Wellness Session

real knowledge :: know how :: prana yoga :: meditation ::

[  time to get your wellbeing really on track  ]

Join us for a half day immersion in all things Gut Health, and be empowered to take your health and wellbeing into your own hands.
GUT HEALTH - it’s way more than a current buzz word, Hippocrates was onto it, and you can be too.

In this power-packed morning you will learn all about Gut Health, what that really means, and it’s impact on your wellbeing - from improving your immunity, to living better with chronic health issues such as autoimmune diseases (Crohn’s, diabetes, RA, IBS/IBD, mental health issues), hormonal balance and more.

In fact, you will learn that having good gut health is the basis for robust health all round, along with easy things that you can do to be as healthy and vibrant as you can in today’s world.

nervous  system regulation - prana yoga - meditation - all about your guts - how they work, why they probably don't work as well as they should......and more...

Create the health you deserve.

Sunday 21st OCTOBER

knowledge. experience. good GUTS

booking essential - super earlybird until 1st October

[ all disease begins in the gut - Hippocrates ]

Prana Yoga & Meditation

The yoga & medittaion class that you have been searching for - more than just a stretch, get ready to move and breathe your way into calm and energised, ready to meet the world.

Explore body breath and being (you) through the transformative practice of Prana Yoga & Meditation - an inclusive practice of natural movement, dynamic kriya's, transformative breathing and meditation techniques to calm the busiest mind. 
And not to forget, deep relaxation. Oh. so. sweet.

Look forward to unwinding your body, clearing your mind and nourishing your creative and spiritual worlds from the inside out.

This is a healing and uplifting practice for your whole being -  to enhance, heal, balance and bring out the best in you.

…not to mention fun and doable!

classes in West End
Wednesday nights ::: weekly
Saturday mornings ::: 6 week series from 6 Oct

[move your body, move your life. get your prana on ]

Seasonal HEALING

SUMMER | date tba (close to 21 December!)

prana yoga :: meditation :: energetic healing :: gong bath

[  a self healing & inner alignment session  ]

Seasonal sessions (held at the Solstices & Equinoxes) are designed to help you connect you more deeply with yourself, the wheel of the seasons and your world. 
Participation is a powerful acknowledgment of natures rhythms and yourself as a part of those natural flows - a remembering of your source and purpose.

These potent sessions provide a stopping point, a moment to anchor back into your soul and inner yearnings along with the essence of the season - time for you that also reconnects you with the greater rhythms of life and your place in the world.

Check in with your journey so far this year, and set your course for the next quarter from the heart of your soul.


gratitude. abundance. vibrance

booking essential

[ Self Healing & Inner Direction with the Seasons ]

Other popular courses and events  - email to register your interest for the next run, or have this course run in your venue/area

foundations insta.jpg copy.png


a course for beginners and beyond.

Ground your yoga practice. Grow your knowledge. Build foundations of practice & experience in yoga & meditation.
Begin or enhance your in class and at home yoga experience while you support your wellbeing.

Kosha CALM

immerse yourself in the yogic philosophy of your ‘koshas’ - the layers of your understanding and experience.

Enjoy a half day of yoga, meditation and cultivating self knowledge and calm in ways that support you in living your daily life - make CALM your SUPER POWER

meditation emotional emergence_1sqr.jpg

meditation for emotional emergence(ies)

a short course in emotional intelligence, exploring the purpose, pitfalls and beauty of emotions.

Explore and experience meditation and other tools to connect with and transform your emotions in a life enriching way.