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prana yoga :: meditation :: healing :: gong bath

A healing and inner alignment session
Leave it. drop it. let it all fall away and transform.

Seasonal sessions are designed to help you connect you more deeply with yourself and your world, acknowledging & part of the natural flows of life.  Align with the lessons and energies of Autumn, soak up the balance & vibes of the equinox.
Check in with your journey so far this year, and set your course for the next quarter from the heart of your soul.

1.30-5pm | Sunday 25 March

earlybird until 15/3  |    booking essential - click here

Self Healing & Inner Direction with the Seasons.

Prana Yoga & Meditation

Explore body breath and being through the transformative practice of Prana Yoga & Meditation - an inclusive practice to unwind your body while you clear your mind and nourish your creative and spiritual selves.
This is a practice for your whole being, to enhance, heal and bring balance to every part of you.
Classes run in 8-week blocks.

starts 4th April ::: 6-7.30pm Wed 

 - booking essential, earlybird until 25/3

Location:  Haiku Arts & Yoga Studio, 71 Russell St, West End

Meditation for Your Emotions

Emotional wreck?? Frozen? Control those things! or perhaps Emotions - no thank you feels more familiar
How about shifting that up? How about emotions and emotional experiences that support a rich, engaged and rewarding life?

Join Nat and Brie for three weeks devoted to meditations and related techniques that support you in engaging safely and intelligently with your emotional world. Prepare to shift your emergencies to emergences.

This class is a three week series.

 4, 11 & 18th April ::: 7.30-9pm Wed 

 - booking essential, earlybird until 28/3

Location:  Haiku Arts & Yoga Studio, 71 Russell St, West End

Good Guts

Gut healthy healing - get to the roots and the guts of what everybody is talking about - leaky gut, fermented foods, paleo or no?

Learn how to support yourself for better health by supporting your body with good intestinal and digestive health - the foundation of your immunity, as well as your mood, energy levels and overall health.

Benefit from the unique knowledge, viewpoint and personal experience of Acupuncturist & Integrated health practitioner Natalie Fitzpatrick, complimented by a yogic healing perspective and practices led by Briellen McAlpine, senior yoga & meditation teacher & energy healer.

April 2018

Bookings essential

Kosha Calm

unravelling the veils of being, unveiling your calm.

A yogic philosophy and practice session.  Dive deep with Prana Yoga & Meditation to explore and awaken to your 5 Koshas - the subtle bodies or 'layers of being' described in yogic teachings as a part of your energy blueprint. Layers that veil or reveal.
Come along and explore:
  - what the 'kosha's are,  
 - their role in your physical / daily life
 - ways to awaken their "power and influence"
Seal the deal with a juicy Yoga Nidra ( and a take home recording)  for real integration - to bring the subtle into the physical realm,  while you relax back into deep every-one-of-your-bodies calm.

TBC may 2018


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