conscious connected breathing

:::   rebirthing breathwork    :::

experience the power of a conscious connected breath
transform the way you think, feel and interact in the world.

uncover and shift patterns, triggers, trauma imprints, thoughts
& emotional patterns that keep you stuck or hinder your life experience.

REBIRTHING BREATHWORK is a specific practice of conscious connected breathing that can bring you to deep and lasting inner shifts in a way that is at once gentle and strong, supportive, expansive and enabling you to be more you -  more relaxed, confident and at ease in yourself and in your life.

Each session is a safe and supported setting, with a process that makes you your own Healer, and a Leader in your own life.

Conscious Connected Rebirthing Breathwork can be practiced in individual and group settings, as well as on your own (in time, after you have completed a private 10 session series) - each having its own benefits, all helping you to gently unravel the inner patterns and trauma’s (especially birth, preverbal and childhood trauma’s) that have been holding you back.

Read on to find out more about Breathwork and Individual Sessions, or follow this link to find out more about group sessions.

Are you ready for the journey that is truly your own - the journey into your own pure self ?

This 'Self' is the self that pre-exists the events and beliefs that have shaped your life, this is the self that sits below the surface, guiding you gently forward through your brightest and darkest moments.

This is the inner guidance, and the support that we yearn for and dream of, waiting patiently for us, for the day when we are ready to take a natural breath and connect with our own souls. The day when you breathe beyond your Ego (aka your intellectual, thinking mind, and persona) and open to the wisdom and desires that rest in your heart and soul.

For these are the keys to feeling at home, to feeling connected to your life and your self.

This journey is one of self-empowerment, and my role is as your guide and mentor as you learn to navigate these deep inner waters yourself.


Your vehicle for this journey is your breath - your natural breath.

By engaging in connected, conscious breaths you have the capacity to release old patterns from your mind and emotional body - that means new neural pathways and a reset mindset that is more supportive of your life goals.


Why is this practice known as Rebirthing?
Your cells hold the memory or your life, from preconception and even through your genetic history or ancestral lineage (now being verified by science).

At the time of your birth, the moment that you are born into, all the elements that make that moment up set the tone for the quality of your breath - the emotional state, the environment, the 'way' you are born, the people present and the history that led to the moment.

Your breath pattern - the imprint of the way you are breathing - is an imprint of all this 'information', and the way you breathe is the way you live your life. ASyou keep breathign in this dopted pattern, you reinforce the associated beliefs and patterns - great when those patterns are supportive, but even when we outgrow them , if we don’t shift our breath we can find our selves stuck behaving in ways that no longer fit or benefit us

Change the pattern of your breath and you can rewire your brain, clear your cellular memory, and bring change into your life - a rebirth.


You can think of it as an inner reboot.

Stress, anxiety and fears are reduced, and you are equipped to live beyond the drama of life as you untangle old patterns, inner structures and belief systems that have been hindering your 'flow' and experience of wellbeing.

Your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing is positively impacted in a safe, ease-ful way - through the simple power of your conscious breath. There is no forcing or breaking through - this is a process of surrender, self acceptance and compassion.

Uncover new ways of relating to yourself, to the people that you share your life with,  life itself and the world that we share - ways that are entirely yours, as unique to you as your breath.

No dogma, no prescriptions, and no required belief system beyond your belief in yourself, the transformative power of the breath, and your natural wisdom.

Imagine liberating your own energy - prana, life force - and opening the door for a freer flow of creativity,  increased emotional wellbeing,  loving relationships, inner clarity, awareness and more energy for living.

All you need lies within you.

Give yourself some time, time listen, experience and trust your inner knowing.
Connect to your inner guidance. Connect to the power of YOUR BREATH.

You will be supported through complimentary mindset, self acceptance, self awareness and deep reflection techniques. These are carefully selected so that you can see the impacts, benefits and empowering shifts that you are creating for yourself, and create for yourself results that stick.


This technique will help you to unravel old stories, release old ties and live beyond your triggers.


It is not unusual to see these shifts gently trickle out through your relationships, family, working and social lives, for as you "unhook" you create the opportunities for others to do the same.

 ~ sure, life still throws curve balls,  sh*t still happens, but you have less capacity to be hooked, triggered and drawn into the drama; you build more capacity to face life head on, to employ your resilience, and move through life with increased grace, depth and joy ~

And yes, even you can find a touch of joy on the hardest of days - and it's not about being falsely positive. What this is about is learning and building the inner capacity to open our hearts to a wider range of experiences, to feel safe to feel the joy and the pain in the same moment - enabling a life experience that is full, rich and rewarding.


This is living with an open heart. This is conscious living - living beyond the illusions. Connected. Conscious. Awake to who You are, and the deeper nature of existence.


The practice of rebirthing breathwork [conscious connected breathwork] is an invitation to you to transform in a real world way from the inside, while you create deeper connections and greater resonance between your inner and outer worlds.

Not a bunch of sugar coated promises, this is deep real work that asks for your full presence, and gifts you your Self.

Private Sessions

with Brie in Brisbane and via Skype/online


Conscious Connected Breathwork is a powerful and deep process.
It is available to all, and perfect for those looking for a deep and supported inner journey, ready to create some real change in their life.

Single session: $190   (approx 2hours)

Three Session pack: $525
(valid 2 months, approx 2hrs per session)

Completion Package (10 sessions): $1500
(Valid 5 months. approx 2hrs per session)
Upgrades from Single Session or 3 Session Packs available after your first session.

How long is a session??      Sessions last 1.5-2 hours, including intake and debriefing. You will also receive tools and practices to support you between sessions, and further your integration.

How many sessions do I need??  You can start with 1 or 3 sessions as you assess whether this modality is right for you, and whether we are a good fit for each other. We aim to hold sessions 1 week apart to maintain the full momentum of your healing process, and keep your ego/thinking mind out of the way.

From there it is recommended to complete a full cycle of 10 sessions (inclusive of the initial sessions).

You can jump right in and commit to 10 sessions from the start, fully committing to yourself and the process. Commitment to you is magic!

What happens then? On completion of the full 10 session cycle, you will be equipped to keep using conscious connected breathwork in your life.
You can join us for group breathing sessions (highly recommended - there is always more to learn about you!), and can also do a "top-up" series from time to time (usually 1-5 sessions) when you need some extra support in life, or are ready to go deeper.

In 2019 and onwards there will be opportunities to join our budding breathwork community, and step onto the path of being a Breathwork Practitioner yourself.

PRIVATE Sessions are available from Wednesday to Sunday in my private Moorooka (Brisbane southside) healing room.

Call Brie (me) on 0422 963 207 for bookings and to answer all your questions. Feel free to also contact me via email.


If you are ready to book right now, please go ahead and use the links above and I will be in contact to organise your first session time.

If you have questions or simply prefer to chat first, we can also begin there.

Contact me,  we will chat about the process and your goals to see if Conscious Breathwork is a good fit for you,  decide your best starting option, and organise your first session.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  All sessions are prepaid and require 24hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment to avoid being charged, thank you for your understanding!

Interested but not quite ready for Private Sessions?? Check out my Group Sessions HERE.

heal trauma and behavioural patterns that hold you back
connect to your intuition, embodying a sense of inner knowing and self-trust
awaken to your innate self healing capacities
liberate yourself, step into self leadership

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Working with me, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Integrity is of the utmost importance to me, and this work, time you spend with me is for you - about you, to support you, beginning by listening to you.

A Certified Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner, I also bring over 15 years of experience teaching & studying yoga & meditation to each session, along with over 25 years of self discovery and personal growth work.

I love sharing my learning and explorations with you in a safe, inclusive, fun way, opening you to your own capacities in life and healing.

The space I hold is gentle and strong, deeply intuitive, sensitive, with a touch of something extra - and all that while we keep it incredibly practical - because if it doesn't help you to live in the world better, I am not doing my job... simple.

We are here, it is the only place we can be, and my aim is to make the most of it in body, mind and spirit: grounded, expanded, radiant and awake.

Please contact me with any questions that you may have - CLICK HERE

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