prana yoga & meditation | group classes

*** next session block: 6.30pm Wed 6 wks from 9/10 - FULLY BOOKED ***

Prana Yoga & Meditation is designed to get you

  • moving well and feeling good in YOUR body

  • calmer and more connected in your mind & emotions

  • supporting your best health

AND experiencing the benefits of the deeper aspects of being human:
- (your) human potential, healing where you need it, connecting with others, and living well in our world.

If you’re yearning for a  yoga & meditation/movement & stillness practice that is different
that is more than just a good stretch
that is more than a fancy pose or tighter tights
with a dash of transformation (aka shifting your status quo)
that looks after you and your body instead of just imposing another set of rules

Then you are in the right place.

My classes are a sensitive space.

We take the time to explore and feel into our individual bodies in the moment.

We give the space to listen and respond creatively to what we uncover, while we give our bodies and minds the time they need to absorb and integrate the shifts


6.30-8pm Wednesday |   Suite 2, 59 Hardgrave Road, West End

from 9 October | 6 week block | $130 (payment required to book your place)

A 6 week series of Prana classes to move and breathe your body with ease and vitality.

These classes are time for you to unwind, centre & nourish your self in body & soul. The perfect dose of calm & centred to get you relaxed, gently energised and feeling good throughout your body.

Look forward getting centred in the middle of the week, and making ‘hump’ day your personal highlight.

Bookings Essential
Class numbers are limited to 10 places, we keep classes friendly and small so you get the best class for You.

Bookings & questions - email me:

PRANA:  energy, life force, the energy behind your body, mind & emotions

YOGA:   balance, connection

MEDITATION: conscious engagement & exploration

Look forward to feeling and ‘being’ better..

We do things differently because we are looking for different results - more satisfying, bringing a deeper sense and experience of health, balance and wellbeing to your body, mind and life.

Attending PRANA YOGA & MEDITATION classes you will be supported to build strength, balance and healing in a holistic way:

in your physical body:     such as your muscular, hormonal and nervous systems.

the subtler parts of you:    your mind and emotions.

and the spiritual parts of you:  cultivating self knowledge, self experience and connections, within and without.

If you are looking for something that is more just a physical workout, or ‘stretching’, then these classes are for you.

Get ready to shift your body, your mind and your life in uplifting and supportive ways that aim to help you connect accept your potential and your challenges with equal measure, building your resilience and capacity.

Each class is a whole new experience, integrating a mix of asana, breathing exercises, meditation, philosophy and music to focus on something. It’s always different. And it always seems about right to what is going on for me.

Whether it be I am so wrapped up in my thoughts, or I am angry and frustrated, or straight out overwhelmed with the state of the world, I always leave class different from when I walked in. Sometimes it sneaks up on me, and I don’t even realise how much I am getting from a posture or a mantra, and then it settles and it just feels plain good.
— Kristen L. (University Lecturer), Brisbane

yoga balance.png

Learn to cultivate, shift and balance your energy,
to navigate your mind and emotions,
to move and be with natural wisdom in YOUR body.

> No pretzel-ling, no patchouli required! <

Look forward to lots of nervous system balancing and soothing (feel less frazzled, more relaxed and energised), mind calming and body opening (as in increased strength AND flexibility) .

You will learn and experience practices and techniques from subtle movement to dynamic senstive yoga, powerful pranayama/ breathing practices and transformative meditation techniques - that work deeply to help you to create better health, welbeing and real change that has meaning in your life:

A body that you are more connected with and accepting of; a body that feels healthier and more vibrant.

A mind that is more focused and easier to live with (how about a mind you enjoy? It is possible!). 

Emotions that colour, flavour and ENRICH rather than rule your life experience.

A connection to your deeper self that supports you in having a sense of place, meaning and purpose in your life - feel alive, awake and get to know, to experience that you are meant to be here.


These classes are perfect for those that like some playful exploration and deep invocation along with their yoga and meditation.

Brie has the ability to discover within us all that unique ability to move a little deeper, or stay a little longer - and still be true to your needs, your body’s needs and value the individual person on the mat.
There is the combination of yoga and breath work, but also a touch of shamanic healing, a pinch of humour, and a subtleness that has one unlocking an emotion, or moving an energetic blockage so we discover our uniqueness and we move from our darkness to our light.
— Jill S, Yoga Teacher & Nurse, Brisbane

Join us, and enjoy more energy in your life

Practical things:

  • Give yourself time to find a park nearby, and aim to arrive 5-10 minutes before class.

  • Wear clothes that are easy to move and breathe in.
    No fancy gear required, and if you love your lycra, go for it...

  • Bring water to stay hydrated

  • Shoes off at the studio door - let your feet be free!

  • no experience necessary - you will learn to practice with YOUR body, as it is on the day

  • you don't need to be flexible or strong - the purpose of yoga is to create balance and ease, building strength and flexibility - this is why we do it!

  • let me know if you have any medical or physical issues before class

  • yoga mats and props are provided - yay!


Everyone of us is able to create incredible shifts with the body and mind that we have - you don't need to perfect, change or improve anything before you join us.

In fact, I invite you to join us to relax back into you, as you.

Come as you are, and learn to be and practice with what you have.

All you need is a desire to explore and experience other ways of moving, breathing and feeling, from there the magic happens.

  move. breathe. get your [ prana ] on