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:::   rebirthing breathwork :::

group sessions

experience the power of a conscious, connected breath
rebirth and transform the way you think, feel and interact in the world.

Group Rebirthing Breathwork Sessions are designed so that you can experience the power of conscious breathwork in group setting. This is a great way to introduce yourself to this transformative practice, and to support and deepen your process while or after completing a personal Rebirthing Breathwork program.

As with a yoga or meditation session, coming together in a group supports you in being more present within yourself in a gentle social context, building resilience and social connections while offering different opportunities for integration and growth within yourself - all essential if we are to be healthy, connected humans!

Your vehicle for this journey is your breath - your natural breath.

By engaging in connected, conscious breaths you have the capacity to release old patterns from your mind and emotional body - that means new neural pathways and a reset mind that is more supportive of your life goals.

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In my own journey with this form of Breathwork (developed by Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray) one of the most valuable and healing aspects has been realising how we are truely more same than different.

Our fears, our self doubt, the many ways in which we believe - or have been taught - that we are somehow ’wrong’ or need to be ‘better’, these are things that we all carry in very similar if not the same forms.

Breathing together, we support each other in embracing and addressing these fears and beliefs, and more.

From there we are able to come into the experience that no matter what we feel, we are not alone and there is love, acceptance and compassion available to us all.

This is deep real work that asks for your full presence, and gifts you your Self.

Join our small, friendly groups and soften into more of who you are.

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breathe ::: clarity

Saturday 13 July |
| Juma Health & Yoga, Tarragindi

$75 earlybird | $95 at the door

~spaces limited and bookings required ~

c l a r i t y.jpg

Get Clear.

Clarity. Focus. Vision. Direction.

Clear away the old. Release.

End with the old. Discard the ‘done with’. Make space for fresh ideas and new beginnings.

Get clarity on who you are, what you want from life, where you are going and where you are headed.

Get your head out of the forest so that you can see the trees, and be inspired by the cool crisp light of the Winter Sun to see more clearly the things that have meaning for you in your life.

Breath your way to your next personal vision for yourself and your life - there has never been a better time, and no more powerful tool for transformation than your breath.

LOCATION: Juma Health & Yoga | 9 Windmill St, Tarragindi (see below for parking information)


BRING:  Bring a blanket or two, and some extra layers (socks) in the cooler months, water, pen and notebook + reading glasses if you need them!
Your own yoga mat is optional, and if you have a thicker mat and would like to use that for extra comfort, be my guest! (there are plenty of yoga mats available if you don’t have/bring your own).

WEAR: loose comfortable clothing that is suitable for simple movement as well as non-restrictive for breathing. During your breaths you will want to remove watches, jewellery, belts etc.

FOOD/DRINK: Avoid stimulants on the day of the session (e.g preferably no coffee, especially if it is a morning session). It is also recommended not to eat a heavy meal in the 4 hours prior to your session.
Rest assured this not because of religious beliefs or similar requirement - this is simply about supporting yourself to have the best experience possible. We will be working the experience and feelings in your body stimulants or excessively heavy meals can make it more difficult to really feel what is going on in your body and mind.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - for sessions at JUMA Health & Yoga, Tarragindi

PARKING:  this is a residential area, so please note the following: 

As Windmill Street is quite narrow and we have some elderly neighbours we ask that you please park on the left hand side of the street heading up towards the forest (Toohey Forest) and BEFORE you reach the house. Thank you!



Sat 13 July 2-5pm @ Juma, Taragindi | Breathe c l a r i t y

other information

How long are group sessions??      Our group sessions are approximately 3 hours of immersion, practice, contemplation and relaxation. And tea and a delicious cake to complete :)

You will receive tools and practices to support you between sessions and further your integration, and we will have time to connect and discuss in the group setting - you choose how much you participate at that level, firstly you are here for you. Then, as we feel safe we open to the group, and collective - for as with all healing work, the impacts go beyond just You.

How often do you run these sessions??  We are offering group session on a monthly basis, and you can combine these with private sessions.

Rebirthing Breathwork

No fluff or new age waffle - real grounded breathing and self acceptance that heals.

Get ready to reset your breath so you can unravel old stories, release old ties and start to really live - beyond your ‘triggers’.

This is living with an open heart.
Connected. Conscious. Awake and here in this world in your body as you.

The practice of Rebirthing Breathwork is not for escaping or reaching some lofty state of enlightenment (which is more about escape than anything else - sorry, not sorry!).

This is a process of grounding you in your body, and supporting yourself to live your gentle powerful potential, honestly, as you.

* heal trauma and behavioural patterns that hold you back
* resolve and recover from upheaval and stress in al areas of your life
* clear your cellular memory for deep healing
* connect to your intuition, embodying a sense of inner knowing and self-trust
* awaken to your innate self healing capacities
:: liberate yourself, reconnect to your pesonal power & step into self leadership ::

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Working with me, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Integrity is of the utmost importance to me, and this work, time you spend with me is for you - about you, to support you, beginning by listening to you.

A Certified Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner, I also bring over 15 years of experience teaching & studying yoga & meditation to each session, along with over 25 years of self discovery and personal growth work.

I love sharing my learning and explorations with you in a safe, inclusive, fun way.

The space I hold is gentle and strong, deeply intuitive, sensitive, with a touch of something extra - and all that while we keep it incredibly practical - because if it doesn't help you to live in the world better, I am not doing my job... simple.

We are here, it is the only place we can be, and my aim is to make the most of it in body, mind and spirit: grounded, expanded, radiant and awake.

Please contact me with any questions that you may have - CLICK HERE

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