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health, wellbeing, vitality & a touch of mysticism, for your body & you
cultivate a life you enjoy;  vibrant, healthy, meaningful


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Prana: life force, energy for life, vitality

Prana Yoga & Meditation: a practice that is equal parts body, mind, and spirit to address, balance and connect the many parts of you.

Move, breathe, explore possibilities.

Leave feeling good, with the strength, flexibility, focus & energy that you need to live your life well.

Group Sessions:
Prana Yoga & Meditation

Mini - Retreats

Time out from the daily grind, to reset, explore & restore you, to you.

August 19:
Kosha CALM
Get ready for real calm  - calm that goes 5 layers deep.

Dive into yogic philosophy, learn about your 5 koshas, ways to increase your calm levels,  open to self-healing and dig deeper into you.  A morning of moving through the veils/ layers of being and then resting in your still, calm core.

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Seasonal Sessions

A seasonal cycle each year of 4 Half-day yoga & healing workshops.
Aligned with the Equinoxes & Solstices, these deep-dive sessions support you to self-heal and craft your life with greater depth & awareness.

Connect with the natural rhythms of the world we live in, the essence of nature, and your natural self.

Perfect for those looking for rich heart centred life that is nourishing of body, mind and spirit.

Next Session:

15 September


What you need, for you.

Conscious Connected Breathwork:  uncover & release old patterns, rewire your psyche,  heal & energise on a cellular level through the natural power of your breath.

Private yoga, meditation & relaxation Learn at your own pace, be supported to better meet your physical, mental, emotional &or spiritual needs.

Personal Healing Sessions: Energy healing (Reiki), Neo-Shamanic healing, Soul Sessions, Tantric Numerology. All about you from a subtle perspective. De-stress, self-heal, stress, self care, deepen your self knowledge.

movement and energy medicine.jpgmovement and energy medicine

You don't need to be stronger, more flexible,
a better person, smarter,
or more peaceful.

You don't need to stop thinking,
or wait until the stars align.

You don't need to be anyone or anything
other than yourself
in this body that you are wearing.    Right now.


Join me, let's dance this to the end of time

(with the odd random song line thrown in as a bonus...).