FACT: keep doing the same thing and you will get the same result.

FACT: change the ways you breathe & move, change your life.

[ live beyond your ordinary ]

Have you tried everything, yet still find yourself caught up in stressful and unresolved issues?
Are you ready to get beyond the impact of upheaval and trauma on your body and your life?

Experience Rebirthing Breathwork to help you find a new breath, reset your nervous system and clear your mind; start building new ways of feeling and being in your world.

Get curious about who you are and the patterns that are your ways habitual ways of moving, breathing and thinking.

Whether approaching from the breath, the body, the mind or your energy systems, you will learn ways to unravel tensions and unhealthy habits, reveal and release stale thought patterns and beliefs, and cultivate healthy safe ways of connecting with your emotions for a richer more connected life - including richer, more fulfilling relationships.

Supporting You to find your personal Re-Solution, and get to living Your life.

 private, group & corporate sessions, workshops

Breath Workshops

GROUP Breathwork
Conscious Connected/ Rebirthing Breathwork -learn + experience the transformational + health benefits of shifting your breath.

Upcoming Sessions:

Sat 24 Nov |
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Sun 8 Dec |
BREATHE: an introduction
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Immersions + Training

30 April-3 May 2020
Immerse yourself in learning about the imprint of your first breath - at birth - how that pattern is playing out in your life, and how you can change it.
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What you need, for you.

Conscious Connected Rebirthing Breathwork:  uncover & release old patterns, rewire your psyche,  heal & energise on a cellular level through the natural power of your breath.

Private yoga, meditation & relaxation Learn at your own pace, be supported to better meet your physical, mental, emotional & or spiritual needs.

Personal Healing Sessions: Energy healing (Reiki), Neo-Shamanic healing, Soul Sessions, Tantric Numerology. All about you from a subtle perspective. De-stress, self-heal, stress, self care, deepen your self knowledge.


Next class block:
Wed pm from 9/10

6 weeks of transformative yoga & meditation to move you in body, breathe and being.
Intimate groups, personal attention.
life force, energy for life, vitality

Prana Yoga & Meditation: a practice that is equal parts body, mind, and spirit to address, balance and connect the many parts of you.

Move, breathe, explore possibilities.
Leave feeling good, with the strength, flexibility, focus & energy that you need to live your life well.

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A Prana Yoga workshop exploring your heart space and your personal connections with the world within and around you.

Sat 12 October

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Our signature Gut Health & Healing workshop.
Explore the links between food, the state of your nervous system, the state of your mind and your environment on your overall health and wellbeing.

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create real change right where you need it

You don't need to be stronger, more flexible, a better person, smarter,
calmer, more peaceful or wear the 'right' clothes.

You don't need to stop thinking or wait until the stars align.

You don't need to be anyone or anything other than yourself
in this body that you are wearing. Right now.

you are you. you are enough.
let’s explore what that can really look like.

 [ breathe. heal. be all that you are. connected ]