Good GUTS, why you need them and how we can REALLY help you

Good GUTS….
Coming to Samford Valley this Sunday. Are you coming??
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Why join us when you can read a book, do a free webinar or ferment some foods ?

Those can all be great things, but they will only get you so far, which is something we are certainly not feeling good about.

The reason we developed this course was to solve the confusion around this free information flooding our minds and sometimes creating far more harm than remedy.

Joining us in person will give you that "AH-HA" moment when pieces fall into place.

As a therapist Nat has treated so many people who have spent thousands on their health and walked out of clinics with bags full of herbs/pills/liquids etc that they piss and shit down the toilet because

a) their nervous system remains on ALERT ie flight /fight/freeze/fold and their gut has shut down ie CANNOT ABSORB FOOD LET ALONE HIGH CONCENTRATION HERBS

b) they have stayed on restrictive diets for way longer than clinically necessary and my also be actually starving their microbiome

c) missing the point of the SMALL BOWEL and its importance in our life and digestion

d) taking one species of probiotic and incorrectly colonising the large bowel

e) a massive hit of antimicrobials has been prescribed to knock out parasites or H.Pylori and the gut has become savagely disrupted

f) missing the point that it is more important to reduce inflammation than increase our gut bugs

g) short term wins often leader to greater losses in the long term

We teach strongly that there is no magic pill.

We bust the myths that currently circulate around our gut and our life in this western world.

We provide cutting edge tools that you can implement in every day life at no cost ( time investment ) that decrease the savage effects of stress upon our whole system.

We teach you to listen to your body and why some people can eat things and others can't.

We help you to come to know if you have enough gut acid protecting your entire GIT from commensal overgrowth in the small bowel (SIBO).

We help sort through the dogma around food and diets and fads and come back to simplicity and science and nourishing traditions .

We look forward to seeing you in person this Sunday.