what people say....

It's all very well and good for me to tell you how fabulous I am, and it's even better to hear from some of the lovely people who have worked with me and joined me for classes; this is the page for that.

So really this page is their page, and they are talking to you....

I have been attending yoga classes with Brie for probably nine years now.
During this time Brie has not only been my teacher, but also a mentor as she guided me on my own teacher training, and assisted me to  face the challenges that come when we delve a little deeper into our psyche.

Brie has the ability to discover within us all that unique ability to move a little deeper, or stay a little longer - and still be true to your needs, your body's needs and value the individual person on the mat.

Bries classes have evolved over the past couple of years to become  more than simply yoga.  Every session provides the opportunity for each individual in the class to experience mindful growth through movement and stillness.

There is the combination of yoga and  breath work,  but also a touch of shamanic healing, a pinch of humour, and a subtleness that has one unlocking an emotion, or moving an energetic blockage so we discover our uniqueness and we move from our darkness to our light.
Every word is spoken with humility, honour and comes from the heart.  For all those reasons, and many many more I honour Brie as a teacher, a mentor and a friend, and I recommend her teachings to the person just starting out on a yoga journey, and to the advanced student.

Jill T, Senior Yoga Teacher & Nurse, Brisbane

Brie creates a very warm and welcoming atmosphere in her classes. The experience is free from judgment and individuality is encouraged.

Each time I attend a yoga class with Brie, I regain my energy, my sense of compassion and self-worth, and I leave with a clear mind and a renewed perspective of the world.

I have relied upon the meditative techniques that I learned in Brie's classes to assist me to cope with my most challenging life experiences - including the birth of my two children and the passing of my mother.

I would strongly recommend undertaking an entire course in order to achieve the full benefits of the classes.
CC, Lawyer, Gold Coast

"Brie taught me how to breathe again, how to really breathe. A year later I am still using her techniques, and these have helped me in many domains - at work and home, whilst exercising and travelling. I initially saw Brie for help to get back into meditation and yoga and to help me fall pregnant - I am now regularly meditating, practicing yoga and I'm pregnant! Brie is a lovely woman and a pleasure to work closely with."
 Kate, GP, NSW Mid N. C.


 I have learned more about yoga, meditation, slowing down, calming the mind, breathing... I would recommended Brie’s classes to everyone. The venues are great, the people nice, friendly, the classes are light and positive. Thanks heaps Brie, I am glad I found these classes. I like that there are other classes like Spring and full moon on offer!
S. Chemello, Brisbane

Over the last two decades I have tried a whole lot of yoga! From hot yoga classes in San Francisco, where a gorgeous chocolate poodle would come through at the end of class and lick away our sweat as we lay collapsed on the mats, to hatha yoga upstairs from the only vegetarian restaurant in Rockhampton, the Beef Capital of Australia, and a big mix of class types in-between.
Amidst all these classes, I have not met many yoga teachers like Brie.
Each class is a whole new experience, integrating a mix of asana, breathing exercises, meditation, philosophy and music to focus on something. It’s always different.
And it always seems about right to what is going on for me.
Whether it be I am so wrapped up in my thoughts, or I am angry and frustrated, or straight out overwhelmed with the state of the world, I always leave class different from when I walked in. Sometimes it sneaks up on me, and I don’t even realise how much I am getting from a posture or a mantra, and then it settles and it just feels plain good.
I am sure I miss plenty in your classes, as there is so much depth and thought that goes into what we are doing. But it feels great to be in the room, and on the mat. When I dash in scrambled from a day of writing, which feels like most days, the weekly ritual of unscrambling and settling helps ground me for the days to come. Thank you Brie.
Dr Kristen Lyons, UQ, (weekly classes)

...Brie always allowed for the injury’s I had sustained and incorporated my personal limitations into the class with ease and no fuss.  She is intuitive, supportive and non-judgemental in her approach in delivering her style of yoga.  Lately she has incorporated “life” into her yoga workshops and blends this experience with several yoga styles then  graciously opens up, sharing this knowledge in her own unique way.

Brie’s Yoga is not to be missed and should be on everyone’s MUST do weekly list!

Rachael C, Forever the beginner (Retail Manager, Brisbane)