Unlocking more of you and your life: Breathe

Take a breath.

"You're going to have to let go of a lot of shit to unlock the next level of your life"⠀
Think it's going to be easy?⠀ ⠀

On the one hand, letting go of ‘shit’ is the easiest thing in the world and takes but a moment, a sliver of time.⠀ You simply let. that. shit. go.⠀ ⠀

On the other hand, we often have so much of our 'self' aka ego wrapped up in said shit, that letting go is various shades of terrifying.⠀ ⠀

Mostly it's the feeling, the emotion that has to be let go, and it's likely wrapped very nicely in some kind of very protective story.⠀ ⠀

The trickiest one for me at the moment:the story of how much I love my brother getting in the way of accessing the amount of anger and frustration I felt as a child around the ways we were treated differently.⠀

Which is not about holding a grudge - it wasn’t his ‘fault’. It was about me protecting my [child] self who felt unseen and abandoned amongst other things, no matter what the adults said. ⠀ ⠀

As a child, feelings rule.⠀ ⠀
Then they rule you. Seen, or unseen.

Those feelings can be ‘packed’ up so neat and pretty you wont even notice they are there, or if you do you won’t see them for the real impact they are having on how you live your life and the beliefs you are living out.

This can look like:
“I’m not worthy”
“my needs aren’t important”
“others are more important than me”
(a belief like this, wrapped up with a highly regarded ‘value’ such as putting others first can be very tricky to find and accept )
” When I fix xyz they will see/hear/value me”

Don’t believe that. It’s not about fixing.
And none of these beliefs, or the ones you have taken on really have any thing to do with what any one else said or did to me, or you.

They are a coping mechanism, an adaptation that in the moment can be helpful, but over time becomes a hindrance. I don’t need to keep believing that others are more deserving than me, or getting angry that someone else gets an accolade that I may feel I deserve in some way.

I’ve even been incredibly angry about someone taking someone else’s ‘rightful place’. Not even my circus, let alone my monkeys, and that kind of thinking is stealing a whole lot of time and energy from myself and my loved ones.

It’s got nothing to do with my brother.

And everything to do with the beliefs I formed about my place in the world relative to him, and anyone else I transposed into a position of ‘more important than me’… and like my brother, they are some damn fine people!

So where does that leave me?
Responsible for my own shit!
Response Able
Able to respond, to drop the shit and the belief pattern and move on.

Years of holding my arms in the air, chanting and doing breath of fire for interminable amounts of time didn’t do it.
Busting through, keeping up, pushing and doing stuff didn’t do it. Thinking didn’t do it.
It won’t, because those inner beliefs are all about keeping the mind/ego EXACTLY AS IT IS.
This is why you can meditate for years and still be the same a** hole you began as, maybe just a different set of clothes.

To change these patterns, the only thing that has worked for me is changing the way I think, by changing the way I breathe - yes, Rebirthing Breathwork.
This practice has me learning surrender and acceptance at levels I never dreamed possible at best, and at worst was (still can be!) terrified of. The awesome part is realising that every time I surrender, I am able to accept more of myself and the self blame, the judgement, the doubt, it falls away as the thing I was afraid of shows me that it isn’t there afterall.

45 minutes of connected conscious breathing, while you lie relaxed on the floor - this really changes things.
Supported and deepened by the active processes of writing affirmations (not light and fluffy, carefully & personally crafted to help you pry the nails out of your mental inner box) and forgiveness processes (again, deep, so you lay the dead past to rest) GIVE us neurological AND DNA changes that you need to make real change, and changes that can stick (read about the power of words and your DNA here).

It changes the way your brain is wired. It shifts your beliefs to healthy adult belief systems. It gets you beyond fear, shame and anxiety.

It helps you to release the past and leave it where it belongs (in the past), to unlock yourself from your inner boxes and fear-based safety nets, heal trauma and the impacts of upheaval and stress - so you can gradually feel freer to explore, enjoy, get curious and more creative in life.

To be more open and kind with yourself and others.

That means better relationships, better work experiences,better connection to yourself and the world at large.

Liberation. Freedom. Connection. E A S E

These are the results I feel, and that you can get.


p.s. join me monthly for group rebirthing breathwork experiences or come and see me one-on-one for a private series to really dig deep and self-heal