choices. impacts. RESULTS

A lot of my work is listening,
seeing you

and that means hearing things.... .

" I like my wine"
" I can't stop eating sugar."
" I love my cake."
" I'm worried about giving up xyz"
" But who will I be without abc"
"I want to heal, but I'm not going into the emotions"
"I've dealt with" ... "I can't "
"I" and "my" can be a bit of a theme...
the thing is
if you want things to be different
you will need to do things differently

[ choices. impacts. RESULTS ]

it's not blame. it's not judgement.

[ guilt : you blaming yourself before God doesn't... chew on that for a bit ]

It's karma in the sense that any action/non-action has a result. Not choosing/doing is also a choice/action.

Your result, your reward - it’s not in the sense of gold stars being doled out by an invisible force, nor is it punishment.
It is simply an equation. Physics if you will. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You may or may not be aware of the opposite reaction occurring.

action, impact, result.

20 years ago I professed that I could live on bread, cheese and wine.

I loved my wine. And cheese. I still love cheese. Currently, I'm having a break from cheese. I don't eat bread.

Today, I love my body. I can enjoy a glass of wine. Some cheese. It turns out bread makes my knees ache. even a small slice - I've been testing it.
I dislike knee pain more than I enjoy a small piece of bread.
Today, I love me and this precious body that carries me.
So I eat well and nourish myself - building goodguts.
I love my inner freedom more than I love my stories and neuroses, so I move and breathe with prana yoga & meditation and rebirthing breathwork.

choices. impacts. RESULTS.

That's what its all about for me. for us, for Nat and I in our lives and what we bring to the table and mat when we work with you.

what's it about for you?

what do you love??

what is the result you are after, and are your choices REALLY going to get you there?
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