Breathwork, Rebirthing...lets answer some questions

Conscious Connected Breathing
…what is this all about???

(not the Hokey Pokey, and you don’t want to put your foot in it!)

Let me start with some wonderful words from my partner in life, work and crime
( if I ever decide to take up crime that is ;)

For those of you who wonder what on earth it is-why not take the time to read …… on this amazing grace giving practice.

If you work as a therapist or yoga teacher this is the perfect opportunity to be guided by a gifted healer/teacher through your own processes and return to that peaceful nature that is in essence our birth right.”

Dr Natalie Fitzpatrick (Acu)

And Rebirthing Breathwork is not only for therapists and teachers, although those of us that hold space for others can really benefit from the clarity this process brings, which strengthens our capacity to support others without draining ourselves or getting caught in the drama of others.
We all have lives that impact us in various ways, and in today’s world, it is near if not impossible to avoid ‘negative’ impacts - by which I mean things that deplete or drain us in some way, big or small.

You might be a parent, a caregiver, a leader in your field of work or for a team of people in your office. You might volunteer, be ‘sensitive’, or simply have a desire to be as present in your life as possible.

All of this can be supported through Rebirthiing Breathwork, for it is the ways that we limit ourselves or feel limited, the old patterns and power dynamics that we play out in the workplace and in our personal lives that can be gently shifted with this breathing practice.

You may not even recognise what you have done for yourself until you notice that you no longer what to keep playing a certain game, or your mind is less doubtful than usual, for example.


So, Rebirthing Breathwork. The Art of Living your life to the Fullest.

I generally call it Rebirthing Breathwork, but don't be concerned if that is bringing up some strong visuals.
[ Our butchers had a ball when Nat told them I was off studying rebirthing…]

Rest assured this is not about any sort of literal re-dramatisation of your birth. It is possible - but in no way required - to have what we call 'birth memories'. In my experience it is quite rare, and more dreamlike than  necessarily 'real' when it does happen.

Most breathwork sessions will be more an experience of releasing tension from your body, and psycho-emotional 'weight' from your psyche. In fact while you are breathing, the aim is NOT to go off on some birth or other worldly odyssey.

If you do feel unsure at any point during the session, I am there to support and help you to feel safe, relaxed and at home in yourself. 
All rebirthing jokes aside, during the breathing my number one job is to effectively and compassionately 'Mother' everyone in the room.

What happens??
Sessions are conducted resting comfortably on a yoga  mat, with cushions and blankets for support and comfort. In this position you are instructed and guided in the specific breath technique, which opens you to a heightened (relaxed with more of your brain calmly accessible, the opposite to what happens when you are stressed) but not dissociated state.
While you may have some profound experiences, and have great tension release from your body, you will also be aware of the room that you are in, and being supported by me to keep your breath on track and make sure you are comfortable, and importantly not sleeping!

The incredible amounts of tension and stress that can be released are transformative and deeply healing in their own right, and the heightened mind state means that you are able to observe your experience and aspects of your life from a broad and compassionate perspective - together this gives you the opportunity to deeply integrate and heal past and current experiences and feelings, while you open yourself to a more alive present and future.

What if I had a traumatic birth or traumatic life experiences??
This can leave a very deep imprint on the psyche, and you may not even be aware of it. You may just feel heavy, stuck, lacking energy or vitality, and it could also be strong theme of some sort in your life.
In either scenario, this practice helps to safely move the energy imprints of such events out of your energy field and even to shift the neurological patterning that is associate with it - it can literally rewire your brain and change the way you remember things, in a positive and life enhancing way ( e.g. less trapped in frozen or fear states, less triggered by people and 'life', and increased sense of being able to calmly make decisions and move forward in life).

Interested in exploring Rebirthing Breathwork with me??
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