dive deeper, tune into to life, explore 'you'

Seasonal session:

Ride the wheel of the seasons, allow the rhythms of nature do some of the heavy lifting for you.

SUMMER: the peak of the cycle, all things in full bloom, the bounty of life, receiving the fruits of our labours.

This session is designed to align you with the energy of Summer, supporting abundance and your own flourishing as the sovereign being that you are.

TUESDAY 19 December |
Annerley/Moorooka, Brisbane

Good Guts

Gut healthy healing - get to the roots and the guts of what everybody is talking about - leaky gut, fermented foods, paleo or no?

Learn how to support yourself for better health by supporting your body with good intestinal and digestive health - the foundation of your immunity, as well as your mood, energy levels and overall health.

Benefit from the unique knowledge, viewpoint and personal experience of Acupuncturist & Integrated health practitioner Natalie Fitzpatrick, complimented by a yogic healing perspective and practices led by Briellen McAlpine.

2018 dates TBA

Bookings essential - FULLY BOOKED

annamaya kosha.jpg

Annamaya Kosha

your physical body

A dive deep series of Prana Yoga & Meditation classes exploring the physical body, getting it into greater balance and deepening your relationship with your own body. BE more here now.

self acceptance - self healing - healthy movement and more

2018 TBA

vijnanamaya sqr.jpg

Vijnanamaya Kosha

your inner wisdom

A dive deep series of Prana Yoga & Meditation classes exploring your natural, inherent, inner wisdom.
All you need lies within;  in this series take time to listen and connect with the wisdom that is in you, in each of us.
Know your self better, know your body better, clear inner blocks and get in touch with your intuition for self guidance, clarity and connection with your inner wisdom.

intuition - self trust - inner strength, confidence and direction

TUESDAYS 6.30pm from 21 November