singing your song [or: embodiment, presence, heart ]

Its quite popular these days to tout our individuality.

To strive to find our unique purpose (at any cost?). To sing our song bigger brighter louder than everyone else to stand out in the crowd.

Reality - more and more we feel daunted, overwhelmed depressed, stressed, lost, anxious, frozen.

So, how to stand out in a world that’s so loud??

How to have our voice heard over the war cries of the bullies and the rulers??

How to feel safe to be seen? Does being confident have to leave us at risk of being overbearing and is it enough to decide fuck the ones that we irritate or that irritate us??

Is it protecting ourselves to ignore or malign the other?

Can’t we just leave it for somebody else to do? Let someone else worry about (all of it) it because one person, well how much impact can one person really have ??… unless their name is something like Trump?

Last night I attended a musical concert in which I saw and heard a large choir of all ages and skill levels singing (100-200 people, forgive me for not counting!!)..

This was beautiful in itself - all those human body-instruments working together like a giant musical embodiment. Creating sounds that bring tears to your eyes while they open your heart and soul.

And amongst the unified voice of the choir, you could also hear moments of unique sounds and notes, supporting each other, creating harmonics.

Amongst that, there was also the voice of the Conductor, James Cuskelly.
Clear - with the unified voice, and yet its own identifiable sound at the same time. No better or worse, part of the whole and with its’ own sound too.
With no microphone, his voice could be heard clearly beyond all the other singers.

Not louder.

Not perceptibly stronger. Not straining - in fact relaxed and full of joy.

Simply more there. More Audible.

The difference??
He, James, was 100% there.

In his body, confident, established as himself.

AND he was there for Them, the choir, the students and teachers of The Summer School, to guide and support them while they sang Leunig’s poem “Let it all Unravel”.

He was there for US - the audience. So we could experience this music, this song and coming together of precious human voices, hearts and souls. Creating something way more than even the sum of the parts.

There was no strain or effort, no ego on his part. Simply an innocent, enthusiastic joy.

We Humans are amazing.

We are capable of incredible things. And louder is not what is required.

Rather, learn to sit softly and clearly in yourself.

If you are keen to tap into more of your inner resources - strength, confidence, creativity, clarity, self assuredness….. all that lies within you, to learn to sit more softly in yourself. then join us for GROUND your BREATH, Feb 9, or contact me for private Rebirthing or embodied Prana Yoga

Brie x

[ let it go. let it out. let it all unravel. let it free and it shall be a path up on which to travel. Leunig ]