Which way are you going?

Which way are you going?⁠
In a chat with my beloved Rebirther Georgia recently she said to me:⁠

"As long as you are doing things in the way you 'know', you are in the past and recreating the past."⁠

With a quick mental flash over how I was attempting to relate to the problem at hand, seeing that I was only looking at what i knew from experience was possible, and that it was offering NO WAY FORWARD ,


I got it⁠ - did you??⁠

When we come from our 'knowing' we are relying on past information, that is to say information and learning from the past, that we have already learned and experienced - which is not of the present moment, and we close off to possibilities.⁠

Safe - yes.⁠
Predictable - hopefully!⁠ That’s what your brain want’s, regardless of what ‘You’ want. It saves energy and speeds things up from yoru brain’s perspective.
Helpful - often not, and more often not in the way we think it will be.

It keeps us safe and in the known, but really, if we are living in the present we could be more present if we also opened to the ‘unknown’.
Then we can choose and create our next moment - our future - with greater awareness and tapping into new possibilities rather than from the limited and therefor limiting vision and awareness that is of the past and the already known.

Known, or unknown⁠

Which way are you going to play it??⁠

Past or present? What you choose there is the foundation for your future...so choose.⁠

Same thing for same results.⁠
If you need different results, you will need to to do things differently.

One of the key things we do with Rebirthing Breathwork is to change the pattern of our breathing, to bring in a pattern interrupt to the way we breathe which helps to disrupt our habitual ways of thinking, doing and being in the world.
Gradually and gently our breath can then open to it’s natural patterns, and our mind, thinking, doing and being all shift to more natural ways as well - this means more time in your heartfield than your head, more connection and inner harmony than disconnection and dis-ease.

You also gain an increased ability to get comfortable even when we are uncomfortable, as we open to the unknown - otherwise described as the realms of possibility!

Open to the unknown, what you don't yet 'know', choose differently and let me know what happens!⁠

[ …and I used to think of myself as a possibilitarian.... possibly I was mistaken! ]⁠

As they said in Mad Max “Wherever you go, there you are”…

So where are you going to choose to be??

Ready to shift your breath and your direction??

Join me for one-on-one or group breathwork session to begin your journey into the unknown.

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