:::  heart L i f e   :::

 Saturday 12 October   |  11am-2pm

with Briellen McAlpine

prana yoga & meditation. contemplation. self healing.
 [ live in your heart, from your heart ]


$80 prepaid

$95 on the day (space permitting)

Booking essential. Payment required to secure your place.  Terms & Conditions apply - click here.

Heart L i f e

A delicious 3hr yogic dive into the healing realms of your own HEART

Your heart has greater purpose than being a muscular pump, and more depth and strength than a hallmark card or romantic notion.

The realms of your heart are vast - a powerful vortex that can be a great source of strength, connection and true compassion for yourself and others.

The eyes of your heart enable true vision and understanding, as well as unique ways to experience subtle connections to the world around us that goes beyond the knowing of the mind, and invites us into true understanding.

Live in your heart, from your heart
find the strength in your vulnerability
experience the healing power of true connection

Join me for a deeply nourishing session of yogic and neo-shamanic practice (breathwork, movement and meditation, and exploration of life energy) that is designed to support you in embodying the truth that is your heart. aA healing and connecting experience, in this session we will explore the breadth and potential of heart based living...it’s likely not what you expect!

A true heart is open, firmly grounded and compassionate, while having impeccable boundaries and a deep connection to all of life. When in connection with our true heart, we feel safe, content and at home in ourselves, and more connected to the life around us - humankind, the animal and plant kingdoms, and Life itself.

Restore and balance your body and mind with prana yoga (kundalini style)

Meditative and contemplate practices to explore the realms of your heart and the ways we can connect more deeply with ourselves and the world through the eyes of the heart

explore neo-shamanic practices to go beyond the thinking world of duality and delve in the potential of ‘other’ ways of being that are inclusive, expansive and healing

 All you need to bring is a little curiosity :)

Breathe, move, bring your heart to life and your life into your heart.

WHEN:     Saturday 12 October,   11am-2pm (heart time in TCM)

Location: Emma’s Yoga Classes,   Enogerra Memorial Hall, Enogerra

Session Fee:    $80 prepaid | $95 on the day - space permitting

QUESTIONS:   contact Brie.  Phone/SMS : 0422 963 207    email: brie@briellenmcalpine.com

Booking essential. Payment required to secure your place.  Terms & Conditions apply - click here.

How will we do this??

Through these transformative techniques:

PRANA YOGA ::: a kundalini yoga inspired practice, we will include somatic movement to get you into your body and subtle energy based practices as well as dynamic asana/postures to unite the layers of your being.

PRANAYAMA/BREATHWORK ::: breathing practices to soothe your nervous system balance your energetic bodies , connect with the subtle layers of your being as you dive deeper into your heart.

CONTEMPLATION + MEDITATION ::: coming quietly into your heart to rest, restore, explore and experience your true heart

Neo-shamanic practice :::  explore the unique consciousness of your heart, and connect with the heart fo all things - from the subtle heart explore the physical and subtle realms of being. Did you knwo you can in a sense ‘ see’ and ‘touch’ with your heart?? Not magical tricks or skills, but innate parts of the human experience that we have forgotten and overly mystified - this is time to have some fun getting real about the ‘unseen’.

All carefully woven together to create a healing (wholing) experience that opens you in body, heart, mind and soul - creating alignment and self healing throughout.


Briellen is a practising Rebirthing Breathworker (connected breath for personal healing) as well as long time yogi, energy healer and Neo- Shamanic practitioner.
you can find out more here.

[ heart. connection. L I F E ]