You are a breathing thing….

With breath we begin, and through the breath we can open to a myriad of possibilities, most importantly a deeper, clearer connection with our selves, our potential and life itself. From the nitty gritty daily must do’s to the big moments and life questions....

You may have heard me talking about Conscious Breathwork, and you may have noticed it popping up in emails and on my website...

It's my new thing, taking the breathwork and rebirthing I first met in my kundalini yoga days, and taking it to new places - more grounded, more healing, more accessible, and even more powerful - especially because it is more grounded.

What is the importance of being grounded??

When we are too focused on being 'better', getting some kind of high/enlightened state through our practice we too often get lost in the clouds, chasing the next shiny new thing... I call it Spiritual White-washing, it is often known as spiritual bypassing.

If we are going to really be in the present moment, if we are really going to accept the All that is our messy and beautiful human lives - we need our feet firmly on the ground.

To create a life, you need to be in your body.

To live your life,you need to be present to it as it right now, and willing to open to real compassion for all that you find in this moment.

Not because you like or want it, because it IS. Then you can change it up, if you still need to.

Stress is what happens as we try to hide from reality - the fact that we need rest perhaps, or that we are stuck in difficult dynamics, we ignore our bodies needs, we ignore our own needs and desires to fit some body else's ideal.

Conscious Breathwork is a tool, a process, a breath, that helps you to see and release the patterns behind your stress and disharmony - this can manifest in your body, your mind your relationships...anywhere and everywhere in your being or your life. And it helps you to really Be in your body, as you in you.

So, are you ready for something 'new'???

[ and when could be better to try something new than in Spring??]

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22 Sept on the Gold Coast.

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