The 5 Koshas: veils, or a doorway to calm

How deep is your calm?? Soul-centred 5 layers deep??
Lost in the fog of living?

It's time to meet your five kosha's:
Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vijanamaya & Anandamaya

The Koshas are described in yogic philosophy as sheaths/layers, bodies, or  my preferred term:  veils.

What is a veil: something which hides or reveals reality, truth, what is.

We can think of the 5 kosha's as human attributes or aspects. And these aspects/facets of you can distract you from your deeper nature, and true desires; which lies behind feelings and experiences of disharmony, stress, inner struggle, and states of dis-ease across the various layers.

They can operate as distracting, or even as destructive forces in our lives, such as a crazy mind or emotions that run away with your ability to think, or get things done, or over focusing on your work/study and ignoring your body or relationships.

When you know how to connect with your kosha's, you have a path to discovering and connecting with your true nature. If you know ways you can nurture their strengths, these Kosha's can help you to understand yourself better, to self heal, bring more balance across your life better, and create a life that nurtures and supports (even excites) you better.

That's right - attending to you Kosha's can help you to do it ALL better.

Here they are again - the 5 Koshas:

Annamaya Kosha - your physical body/ food sheath

Pranamaya Kosha - your breath / energy sheath

Manomaya Kosha - your mind & emotions/ mental sheath

Vijnanamaya Kosha - your inner knowing/ wisdom sheath

Anandamaya Kosha - your natural bliss/  bliss sheath

To be in our calm, to know and experience our true selves, we need to develop a supportive relationship with these aspects of ourselves, and we nurture these relationships by attending to the 'sheaths' both individually and with awareness of their inter-relationships.

For example, eating well and moving in various ways nourishes your Annamaya Kosha/ Physical body, and time invested in engaging in soul centred practices such as my upcoming KoshaCALM mini-retreat will nourish your Anadamaya Kosha/ bliss sheath. And each Kosha connects with every other Kosha, complex and simple all at once.

If you would like to explore and get to know your Kosha's: what they are, their purpose and potentials then join me SUNDAY 19 AUGUST for KoshaCALM.

It's a mornings adventure into yogic thought, subtle experience and our deeper selves.

And the greatest benefit of this is having tools to make sense of your inner and outer worlds, to deepen your understanding of the impacts of your choices and actions, and empower yourself with ways to move through the veils/distractions and into a way of living that nourishes you in every moment.

Imagine - the deepening of calm that comes as you get to know more
and more of 'who' and 'how' you are.


Find out more about KoshaCALM by clicking HERE