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 KOSHA  Calm  :::  unveil your being

a Prana Yoga & Meditation Workshop with Briellen McAlpine

Saturday 10th March | 9.30am-1pm

Enogerra Memorial Hall ::: hosted by Emma's Yoga Classes
Trundle Street, Enoggera, Brisbane 4051

Are you ready to get to know yourself better in body mind & spirit,
with a clarity that allows you to rest in calm connection? This is KOSHA Calm.


$85 Earlybird until 28 Feb   |   $95 after, space permitting
includes session & practices notes + yoga nidra recording
booking & prepayment essential
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KOSHA Calm is an experiential 3.5 hour prana yoga & meditation workshop that dives into the workings of your 5 KOSHA's - aka your Subtle Bodies, or veils of being - so you can unveil your calm.

This half day workshop is dedicated to connecting you to your inner calm:  not something that is missing from your life, but rather something that has been hidden - veiled. 

Prepare to stop wasting energy on things that don't *really* matter to you, and put an end to being ruled (read: pushed and pulled around) by old ways of thinking and behaving, so that you can explore your deeper desires and potential, and get 'busy' feeling calm.

You will free up your physical and energy bodies, open yourself beyond inner doubts and conflicts, clarify your subtle energy and learn ways you can approach life to continue to cultivate calm, self knowledge and a life that more truly meets your needs.

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::: embody your souls qualities ::: 
calm - aligned - self loving - connected

::: unveil calm :::

What are the Kosha's??

The Koshas are described in yogic philosophy as sheaths/layers, bodies, or  my preferred term:  veils. We can think of them as human attributes or aspects that can distract us from our deeper nature, and true desires... all of which cause disharmony, stress and states of dis-ease across the various layers. They can operate as distraction and even destructive forces (crazy mind or emotions that run away with your ability to think, or get hings done, ....anybody??).. and, when we know how to connect with them, and how to nurture their strengths, these Koshas can help us to understand our selves better, and create a life that nurtures and supports - even excites - us better.
Let me introduce you:

Annamaya Kosha - your physical body/ food sheath

Pranamaya Kosha - your breath / energy sheath

Manomaya Kosha - your mind & emotions/ mental sheath

Vijnanamaya Kosha - your inner knowing/ wisdom sheath

Anandamaya Kosha - your natural bliss/  bliss sheath


Expect to get to know your Kosha's, what they are, their purpose and potentials - its a yogic adventure into yogic thought, subtle experience and our deeper selves.

And the greatest benefit of this is having tools to make sense of your inner and outer worlds, to deepen your understanding of the impacts of your choices and actions, and empower yourself with ways to move through the veils/distractions and into your true nature.

Imagine - the deepening of calm that comes as you get to know more
and more of 'who' and 'how' you are.


Equip yourself to do it all better:

 - be more present, decrease doubt, stress, anxiety, unwind inner knots

 - manage and shift your energy levels better

 - clarify and master your mind and emotions, for focus, creativity and impact

 - increase and support better health and well-being, with better choices

- know yourself better, with deeper appreciation, greater self acceptance and deeper self knowledge


connect to you, live beyond the veils


Through the carefully selected yoga, meditation and breathing practices you will clear away doubts, fears, distractions and the stressors that get in the way of you listening to the messages, feedback, inspiration and intuition that are available to you as a natural part of being human, guiding you in your life and wellbeing.

Develop deeper trust in yourself, your body and your mind.

We won't be forgetting your body - after all it is the 'vehicle' if you like for perceiving/receiving information and doing/creating in the world - in fact honing your senses is an essential part of what we will be doing.

Enhance your health and wellbeing,
be more relaxed in yourself,
take a step in trusting yourself.

Explore your personal depth and meaning.

Relax back into the CALM reality and POTENTIAL that is You - the more you know who you are, the more you can safely release inner tension and patterns of struggle. From there arises your calm.

It doesn't matter where you are beginning from - we will each be practicing, exploring and experiencing from our unique starting points on the day.

How will we do this??

Through these transformative techniques:

° SOMATIC EXPLORATION -  gently and softly re-engage with your body using its own language, nourish and reset a depleted nervous system, and restore musculature to native states

° PRANA YOGA, to build  health and wellbeing, connect with your bodies capacity and natural energy balance, reserves and wisdom, nourish a healthier relationship with your body

° BREATHWORK to explore your possibilities, clarify and transform unhelpful thought patterns, beliefs and emotions, breathe your way to calm

° MEDITATION to clear your mind and awaken intuition - clear away the past, self limiting beliefs, doubts and inner fears, shift into the realms of possibilty

° YOGA NIDRA  deeply relaxing yogic 'sleep' - penetrate, clarify and balance your 5 koshas, so that they are vehicles for experience and understanding, no longer veils limiting perception (and a take home recording so you can continue in your own time)

Come home to your Self, relax into your inner knowing, heal what needs healing,  and step into listening within over searching without. This is what makes available to you your true deeper-than-five-bodies calm!


Mixed level class - all welcome.
Joining this session feel confident that you are in good hands.

I bring 15 years of experience teaching & studying yoga to the mat, along with 20 years of self exploration and healing work. There is nothing I love more than sharing my learning and explorations with you in a safe, inclusive, fun way, bringing the practical, mystical, everyday and magic into the same room, and supportign you to discover yourself.

Please contact me with any questions that you may have - CLICK HERE

KOSHA  Calm  :::  unveil your calm

a Prana Yoga & Meditation Workshop with Briellen McAlpine

Saturday 10th March | 9.30am-1pm

Enogerra Memorial Hall ::: hosted by Emma's Yoga Classes
Trundle Street, Enoggera, Brisbane 4051


$85 Earlybird until 28 Feb   |   $95 after, space permitting
booking & prepayment essential
click here for terms & conditions

you. your life, unveiled. clear. calm.