Emotional Emergence(ies)

What’s your gig with your emotions???

Hide under the covers/nearest rock please??
Overwhelm me,baby?
Stuff those mothers deep. So deep!
Emotions? So 90’s.
Drama queen ?? Ice queen ?? Where oh where is in-between??

Lament, stuff, hide, drown - it’s time for a new game. A new story.

Meditation practices that awaken and embrace. Meditation that doesn’t ask you to be quiet first. Meditation that meets you and your emotions right where you are at.

And then helps you go places you barely dared dream of - enjoying the full colour, potential and play of a coherent emotional life, engaged and connected.

Emergence. Leave emergency behind.

Invest some time instead in

exploring, learning, taming (wrestling!!) and engaging with emotions,
your emotional life, and the power of meditation as a tool for engagement and transformation - taking that energy and doing something constructive.


Why settle for hiding from  - drowning in  - running from
I can't meditate - I don't feel


when you can join us for three weeks in April to begin increasing your Emotional Intelligence and finding ways that YOU CAN meditate - and use your meditation to
embrace your emotions
transform your emotions
create the inner space to be with your emotions - safely
find ways to use your emotional energy - intelligently

you shower
you clean your teeth
you wash the dishes
you clean your clothes

why not give the same (or better!) care and attention to your emotions
and your emotional life
so that it can be a rich source of
inspiration, energy and direction/guidance

This three week short course will support your own healthy emotions, good mental health and build Emotional Intelligence so that you can Emerge from the grip of your emotions.

Over these three potent sessions we will share with you:

1. An overview of emotions, their physiology and how they impact your physiology, their traps and potentials

2. Meditations that you can put in your Emotional First Aid Kit - easy go to techniques for quick,  in-the-moment shifts and self-support

3. Meditations to help you create long term shifts in your inner patterning, for
emotional healing and resilience

Sessions will also include deep nervous system reset through simple yoga and yoga nidra ( yoga sleep! where the changes embed while you REST).

There will be handouts - so you don't have to remember it all

(and there will be laughter, as well as the serious work)

EARLYBIRD UNTIL 28 MARCH  :::  Find out more here Meditation for EMOTIONAL EMERGENCE(ies)