transformative practices for feeling-thinking people who care about themselves and the world.

be supported in creating real change in your life, right where you need it.

learn how changing the way you breathe & move can change your life

uncover different ways of being & doing, so you get different results

[ live beyond your ordinary ]

Get curious about who you are, explore connections and how you move-breathe-live so that you can de-stress, feel freer, build health in body and mind, be equipped to make better choices...and enjoy doing it.

Explore and practice yoga & movement that unravels tensions and unhealthy habits from your body, reveal and release stale thinking patterns form your mind and cultivate healthy safe ways of connecting with your emotions for a richer more connected life and more fulfilling relationships.

 private, group & corporate sessions, workshops




Time out from the daily grind, to reset, explore & restore you, to you. 

GROUP Breathwork
Conscious Connected breathing workshops to learn and experience the transformational and health benefits of your breath.

Start the new year truely ReNewed.
You can also join the Summer Solstice Sessions.

Sat 12 January
Breathe ::: ReNEW
** fully booked**
(waitlist only)

Sat 9 Feb
Ground your Breath
West End - Earlybird until 26 Jan




What you need, for you.

Conscious Connected Breathwork:  uncover & release old patterns, rewire your psyche,  heal & energise on a cellular level through the natural power of your breath.

Private yoga, meditation & relaxation Learn at your own pace, be supported to better meet your physical, mental, emotional &or spiritual needs.

Personal Healing Sessions: Energy healing (Reiki), Neo-Shamanic healing, Soul Sessions, Tantric Numerology. All about you from a subtle perspective. De-stress, self-heal, stress, self care, deepen your self knowledge.


Next class block:

TBA - coming in 2019

intimate groups. bookings essential.


Prana: life force, energy for life, vitality

Prana Yoga & Meditation: a practice that is equal parts body, mind, and spirit to address, balance and connect the many parts of you.

Move, breathe, explore possibilities.
Leave feeling good, with the strength, flexibility, focus & energy that you need to live your life well.

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Seasonal Sessions

4 Half-day yoga & healing workshops that track the seasons, helping you stay on track too.

Next Session:
Session 1: SUN 16 Dec
Session 2: FRI Dec 21
* small + intimate group sessions, including yoga, meditation, & rebirthing breathwork. booking essential.

Aligned with the Equinoxes & Solstices, these deep-dive sessions support you to self-heal and craft your life with greater depth & awareness.

Connect with the natural rhythms of the world we live in, the essence of nature, and your natural self.

Perfect for those looking for a rich heart centred life that is nourishing in body, mind and spirit.
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You don't need to be stronger, more flexible,
a better person, smarter,
be more peaceful or wear the 'right' clothes.

You don't need to stop thinking,
or wait until the stars align.

You don't need to be anyone or anything
other than yourself
in this body that you are wearing.    Right now.


Join me, bring all of you

we will get curious, relax, soften and connect into life, together

[ breathe. heal. be all that you are. connected ]