:::    radiate    :::

a quarterly deep-dive yoga, meditation and healing session
that aligns you with your own being, and the seasons


Sunday 16 December or Friday 21 December   
  9.30 - 1pm, in West End (Brisbane)


These potent seasonal sessions provide a stopping point, a moment to anchor back into your soul and inner yearnings along with the essence of the season - time for you that also reconnects you with the greater rhythms of life and your place in the world, through prana yoga, meditation and seasonally oriented self healing/alignment practices.

Check in with your journey so far this year, set your course for the next quarter from the heart of your soul.

:::   Summer Solstice  -  RADIATE   :::

 $75 Prepaid/$90 on the day (space permitting)        or           $140  for two when you prepay together

Bookings essential. Payment required to secure your place. 
Terms & Conditions apply -
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[ gather. align. radiate ]

prana YOGA. meditation. REBIRTHING BREATHWORK. healing and alignment practices. gong sound bath. contemplation.
time with you, for you - the healing you need for you and your life.


The SUMMER SOLSTICE Session is a 3.5 hour immersion

in transformative prana yoga, meditation, gong (sound) bath,

rebirthing breathwork and self-healing practices.

All masterfully curated and blended to help you connect deeply to your body and soul for self healing, renewal and an inspired life.

In the Summer, we engage in practices to ‘plug us in’ to our true desires and potential, gather your resources, and give thanks for our creations over the year so that we set foot into the new year from a place of centredness and strength, anchored in our personal RADIANCE.

FIND your DRIVE. GATHER your resources. connect with CALM.
Anchor in your RADIANCE.

[ glow. like the sun. brighter ]

Join us, and gift this half-day retreat to your self in body and soul.

Together we will step through inner walls and ways of being that hold you back.
Supporting each other, inspiring each other.
From there, we can embody our innate radiance, enjoy renewed ideas and begin to explore not-yet-imagined possibilities for your self.

Potential lies before you.
Possibility is in each and every breath.

You are your own creation.

Where are you going? Where are you going to take your self?

What are you going to create?

Honouring the Summer Solstice, you will explore your own potential, awaken more fully to your power and create your own emergence in a fun and enlivening morning of prana yoga, uplifting meditation, powerful rebirthing breathwork and deep healing that touches your cells and soul.

No perfection required or promised - participation is the name of the game!

Embody the essence of SUMMER.

[ gather. align. embody. RADIATE. ]

You could say its about ... re-engaging with life, with what really makes you tick ;)

be you. RADIATE you.

[ gather. align. uplift. RADIATE ]

Sunday 16 DECEMBER |  9.30am - 1pm @ HAiKU, 71 Russel St West End
Friday 21 DECEMBER,   9.30am - 1pm | @
Mendy Nerolic Yoga & Psychology, 2/59 Hardgrave Rd West End

Session Fee:  $90  /   $75 prepaid


Summer Double Special $140 for two
(paid together)


QUESTIONS:   contact Brie.  Phone/SMS : 0422 963 207    email: brie@briellenmcalpine.com

Booking essential. Payment required to secure your place.  Terms & Conditions apply - click here.

How will we do this??

Through these transformative techniques:

PRANA YOGA ::: move your body and shift your energy; wake up from the cellular level and align with the expanding, abundant energies of SUMMER.
Connect with theses bright expansive energies, honour the results and rewards of your efforts, both inner and outer. Reshape, be re-inspired and clarify your internal space for greater focus and renewed vision.

BREATHWORK ::: rewire your brain, clear trauma and cellular memories, breathe a renewed sense of purpose and vitality through the cells and layers of your being.  Moving into your expansiveness and soaking in your potential,  fill your inner cup with fresh Prana and appreciate all that you are, with deep compassion.

CHANTING & MEDITATION :::  Tap into the pulse of life. Awaken fresh inspiration and emerge from your chrysalis truly alive and ready to grow into new/renewed ways of being.
Be centred and awake, open to self love and radical self acceptance.

Neo-shamanic HEALING practices :::  dive deep, initiate self-healing and a soul guided life. Embrace potential. Grow with your soul.

All carefully woven together to create an afternoon experience that opens you in body, heart, mind and soul - creating alignment and self healing throughout.

Prepare your 'inner ground' for positive growth and next steps that come from the yearnings of your soul, rather than the trappings of your mind, for deeper fulfillment and nourishment in life.

Take affirmative action in building a life that answers and expresses the call of your inner voice - your sovereign self, your gentle and absolute right to be you, in a way that is yours.

This session is time & space for the life that lies within you, for the breath that lies waiting to connect you more deeply with you.

This morning is an offering of spirit, from you to you and the world you inhabit.
Honouring your inner world, nurturing your outer world.
Connecting to your place in Our world.

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The Seasonal Sessions are quarterly half day workshops that I hold at the Solstices and Equinoxes, to help you navigate your year from a heart and soul centred place.

They offer a pause from your busy modern life, and an opportunity to check in with your current direction.

This time together is the perfect antidote to overwhelm, burnout, and our modern disconnection from nature.

Experience a gentle nurturing way to come home to yourself, to rest in your essence and restore your autonomy.

You can read more about the 'why' behind the Seasonal Sessions HERE.

[ gather. align. RADIATE ]