:::  about the Seasonal Sessions  :::

turn with the seasons, grow with nature

nourish a life you love


Are you ready to anchor new ideas into your psyche and your life??

Looking to inject some inspired juice - rasa -  into your everyday??


Throughout the year I hold these seasonal sessions at the Equinoxes and Solstices, marking the turn of the wheel of the seasons, to assist you in connecting with nature, the larger rhythms of life,  and the rhythms of your inner being.


To help you remember - and embody - who you really are.


Nourishing and enriching experiences in themselves, checking in regularly with each of the Seasonal Sessions is a powerful practice that helps you to stay more connected to your life,  inner desires, goals, and even the flows of nature and the world around us.

Its all too easy to let time glide by, to gasp as the days run away, taking with them opportunist and the precious moments that are life.

Taking the time to stop, listen and dream, to contemplate your life and your inner Self is an essential component of a rich and rewarding life, one that meets your needs and touches your soul.


Why??  Connecting to the next step and being confident in your choices can be challenging in a world that is always demanding more, suggesting better ways, or telling you how it should be done (and how about that niggling and sometimes blatant suggestion that you are to blame for somehow getting 'it' wrong).


We all get distracted, we all have inner habits that get in our way.

And the story does not have to end there. Your story can follow YOUR inner compass - your dreams and goals.


When you take the time to listen within,  to clear away the patterns and inner beliefs that are clouding your inner vision -  you develop inner knowing, trust in yourself and an inner strength that helps you to stay on your unique path.

And nothing beats the support and good company of like minded people to help us stay confidently in touch with ourselves.


How will we do this??

Through these transformative techniques:

PRANA YOGA ::: move your body and shift your energy, align with the essence of the season/ life stage

BREATHWORK ::: breathe to release the season just gone, and bring in, embrace the next phase

CHANTING & MEDITATION ::: to clear away the old and sound new ways of being into existance. Be centred and awake, open to self love and radical self acceptance.

Neo-shamanic HEALING practices :::  dive deep, initiate self-healing, tunein to the cycles of nature, the seasonal shifts of the wheel of the year. embrace what is. Be with your soul.

All carefully woven together to create an  experience that opens in you body, heart, mind and soul, creating alignment and selfhealing throughout your being, and bringing You more into the world. Finding your place in the world.

Prepare for positive growth and next steps that come from the yearnings of your soul, rather than the trappings of your mind, for deeper fulfillment and nourishment in life.

Take affirmative action in building a life that answers and expresses the call of your inner voice - your sovereign self, your gentle and absolute right to be you, in a way that lights you up.

These sessions offer time & space to the life that lies within you, for the breath that lies waiting to connect you more deeply with you.

Honouring your inner world,

nurturing your outer world.

Connecting to your place in Our world.

This time together is the perfect antidote to overwhelm and burnout, and a gentle way to come home to yourself, to rest in your essence and restore your autonomy.

listen.   reflect.  heal. be.