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with Briellen McAlpine



@ JS Dance Hall/ Moorooka


Join me for this 2.5 hour session of yoga, meditation and self-healing practices to shift fully into your spring vibe, in tune with your inner rhythms and desires, connected to natures flow.

You. Aligned with the energy of SPRING.
New Beginnings.
Fresh starts. Inspired action. Possibilities. Growth.

Look forward to feeling more in your body, and more engaged in your life in a way that inspires and nourishes you on every level.


Session Fee:   $45

$40 earlybird - book and pay by Sept 17


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Booking and prepayment required. Check Terms and Conditions below.

spring bud bursts

Our fast paced modern lives, full of demands.

From checking your phone, to working your butt off, juggling family and business, to just trying to get ends to meet and a moment to breathe.
All the million things that are drawing on your energy, the lack of time and space, the no down time, no time for you....
This session is time for you to breathe and be beyond all that.

This session is time for you to check in.


How will we do this??

Through these transformative techniques:

° PRANA YOGA, so that you move your body and shift your energy into alignment with the bud-bursting fresh growth spring energy and growth

° BREATHWORK to energise and lift you right out of any lingering wintery malaise, and bring you more fully into the birth-like urgings of Spring

° CHANT & MEDITATION to uplift your spirits and invoke growth; this is a celebration of new cycles, new beginnings, and fresh growth in you and the world

° Neo-shamanic HEALING practices to keep diving deeper and initiating self-healing from you reservoirs of inspiration and intuition.

Prepare for positive growth and next steps that come from the yearnings of your soul, rather than the trappings of your mind, for deeper fulfillment and nourishment.

spring magic
Wake up and shake up,
Nurture inspiration and new growth
Align with Spring-birth-new bud-burst of natures cycles
Connect with and nourish what has meaning for you in life
Enjoy the good company of your soul

Throughout the year I hold these seasonal sessions at the Equinoxes and Solstices, marking the turn of the wheel of the seasons, to assist you in connecting with nature, the larger rhythms of life,  and the rhythms of your inner being.

To help you remember - and embody - who you really are.

Nourishing and enriching experiences in themselves, checking in regularly with each of the Seasonal Sessions is a powerful practice that helps you to stay more connected to your life,  inner desires, goals, and the flows of the world around us.

This time together is the perfect antidote to your modern life, over-full of busyness, virtual connections, distractions, escapism and struggling to keep up with yourself.


SATURDAY 23 SEPTEMBER   |  2.30-5pm

Session Fee:   $45

booking and prepayment required

$40 earlybird - book and pay by Sept 17


booked in for our weekly classes?? choose "weekly yogi" and get yourself an extra $5 discount! 

 Check Terms and Conditions below.

turn with the seasons, grow with nature

nourish a life you love


Are you ready to anchor new ideas into your psyche and your life??

Looking to inject some inspired juice - rasa -  into your everyday??


Taking the time to stop, listen and dream, to contemplate your life and your inner Self is an essential component of a rich and rewarding life, one that meets your needs and touches your soul.


Why??  Connecting to the next step and being confident in your choices can be challenging in a world that is always demanding more, suggesting better ways, or telling you how it should be done (and how about that niggling and sometimes blatant suggestion that you are to blame for somehow getting 'it' wrong).


We all get distracted, we all have inner habits that get in our way.

And the story does not have to end there. Your story can follow YOUR inner compass - your dreams and goals.


When you take the time to listen within,  to clear away the patterns and inner beliefs that are clouding your inner vision -  you develop inner knowing, trust in yourself and an inner strength that helps you to stay on your unique path.

And nothing beats the support and good company of like minded people to help us stay confidently in touch with ourselves.



spring beginnings begin again

new birth new life new growth


revelation inspiration flow


Yoga, Meditation, engaging in sacred and healing practices, taking time to connect with our selves at these periods that are significant in our natural world helps us to honour and recognise these cycles in our own lives.

In turn, this supports us in honouring and recognising ourselves in all our personal colours and seasons.

We learn to better honour the cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth, for all that is coming into the world and passing away. We learn to value these rhythms, these cycles and use them for our own growth, nourishment and enrichment.


  prana yoga | meditation | shamanic healing

with Briellen McAlpine



@ JS Dance Hall/ 131 Koala Rd,   Moorooka

Booking and prepayment required - click here for terms and conditions

Booked in for our weekly classes?? choose "weekly yogi" and get yourself an extra $5 discount!

$45 /$40 earlybird until 17th September

birth.   inspiration.  new beginnings.