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Tuesday 16 January -  6.30-8.30pm

@ The Social Space
21 Clifton St, AnnerleyMoorooka


A 2-hour self healing session to get your year off on the right foot using the tools of YOGA NIDRA (yogic sleep - yes, really - its not your average sleep) & SANKALPA (intention setting)  to connect with your own inner vision and intentions for a bliss centered new year, accompanied by a deeply relaxing GONG BATH to transport you beyond your everyday self and into the ethers for full integration.

Expect to deeply relax, tap into your inner wellspring of bliss and creative intention, release old mental and emotional patterns, and pave the way for deep realignment with your Self, your essence.


Session Fee:   $35 or $30 earlybird
(earlybird pricing until Jan 13)


Book your New Moon Session along with your 2 week

Yoga & Meditation Bliss Series - Anandamaya Kosha

(23 & 30 January) for an extra bliss-full    $60.      

Booking and prepayment required. Check Terms and Conditions below.

A transformative session that blends gentle somatic movement and prana yoga & meditation practices with a powerful YOGA NIDRA session and intention setting or SANKALPA.

A Sankalpa is an intention, like the setting of an inner compass - designed to awaken inner healing and guidance for the coming year (not always a year but this will be our intention in this session). It is considered that a Sankalpa coupled with Yoga Nidra, MUST come to pass.

This is a powerful process that constructively taps into the power of your mind and intention for your own healing, greater good and growth.

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep can be understood as a guided self hypnotic process that unravels the tension in body and mind, setting the stage for deep deep relaxation, empowering your Sankalpa, and year ahead.

This process opens the inner doors for self-healing - a natural capacity - which will be supported by the clearing and uplifting vibrations of the Symphonic Gong during your New Moon Gong Bath.

The GONG BATH - elevating your experience of bliss to a whole other level as you merge with the 'ethers' - creating a sense of spaciousness and complete relaxation as you go beyond your everyday senses.
These transformative vibrations ( literally, the sound vibrations created by the playing of the gong in a healing process) will balance your nervous system, clear extraneous thoughts and emotions, and further the deep healing that we have already set in place over our evening together


In small things lies great wisdom, in the seed of our soul, lies all we need.

 Self Knowledge is Self Empowerment


Overall, this session is a re-membering, a healing, an alignment of body and soul, guided to create powerful intentions for a more fulfilling year ahead.  Align with your soul, align with your world with the world-at-large, align with the soul of the world.


undo the knots, unravel the ties that bind, release and reveal your Self to you
open to the new-ness in you
embark upon a journey of bliss filled beginnings

  yoga nidra - healing - gong bath

With Briellen McAlpine


Tuesday 16 January -  6.30-8.30pm

 The Social Space, 
21 Clifton St,   Annerley/Moorooka

Booking and prepayment required - click here for terms and conditions

The New Moon Deal - Book your New Moon Session along with your Bliss - Anandamaya Kosha Series (23 + 30 Jan) for a blissful $60.

$30 earlybird until 13 January
Full Price $35

relax into bliss.  nurture your dreams.