what people say....

It's all very well and good for me to tell you how fabulous I am, but I am sure you would love to hear from some of the lovely people who have worked with me, and this is the page for that. This page is their page, and they are talking you....

Over the last two decades I have tried a whole lot of yoga! From hot yoga classes in San Francisco, where a gorgeous chocolate poodle would come through at the end of class and lick away our sweat as we lay collapsed on the mats, to hatha yoga upstairs from the only vegetarian restaurant in Rockhampton, the Beef Capital of Australia, and a big mix of class types in-between.
Amidst all these classes, I have not met many yoga teachers like Brie.
Each class is a whole new experience, integrating a mix of asana, breathing exercises, meditation, philosophy and music to focus on something. It’s always different.
And it always seems about right to what is going on for me.
Whether it be I am so wrapped up in my thoughts, or I am angry and frustrated, or straight out overwhelmed with the state of the world, I always leave class different from when I walked in. Sometimes it sneaks up on me, and I don’t even realise how much I am getting from a posture or a mantra, and then it settles and it just feels plain good.
I am sure I miss plenty in your classes, as there is so much depth and thought that goes into what we are doing. But it feels great to be in the room, and on the mat. When I dash in scrambled from a day of writing, which feels like most days, the weekly ritual of unscrambling and settling helps ground me for the days to come. Thank you Brie.
Dr Kristen Lyons, UQ, (weekly classes)