Terms and Conditions


Things you need to know about your Booking


I know – yoga and spiritual stuff is all peace love and mung beans.

Yes, it is. And that means we are all about good boundaries, clear communication and knowing how things work. And...this is the modern world and that means you can’t get away from the small print, rules and policies here either.

So, on that note, please take a look at this information and do contact me if you’ve got any questions or queries. Thanks so much…

with thanks, Briellen


How do I book?

All my sessions – privates and group –  require prepayment to book your place/time.

The relevant pages on this website all have a “Pay now” button of some sort, it will probably say something cute and to the point like “yes please” or “Book me in”.
Click on that link and it will take you to my (secure of course) online payment system, which will send me a lovely email to let me know you have booked and paid. From there you are good to go, but do feel free to email or call if you have questions after that.  If I need more information from you or you are booking a private session/s, I will be in touch.

If you are not up to online payments yet, or would rather do a bank transfer, we can work that out – email me - or call me on 0422 963 207.

What I don’t do
I don’t hold places in classes/workshops or book you in for private sessions without payment.
Your payment is your commitment to our time together, which is your time; and receiving that payment represents my commitment to you and our time together.

What if I book for a workshop or one-on-one session and then can’t make it?

I know, it happens some times you get the flu or a wedding comes along – sometimes I would rather not come either! And I am sorry, but I don’t offer refunds.

Me setting the class time, and your booking a space is our agreement and commitment. If I am unable to fulfill my end of the deal – such as in the rare event that I have to cancel class, you will receive a no fuss refund for group sessions, and for private sessions we will reschedule at a time that works for both of us.

What if I cant make my one-on-one session?

For private/one-on-one sessions I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Give me 24 hours notice and we will reschedule your session, easy. 
Your reschedule must fall within the next 14 day period. 

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice mean you forfeit that class.

Your class/session pack will also have an expiry period, be sure to use all your classes within the set period – they don’t accumulate, rollover or give you future credit beyond that.

I’ve bought a class pass but I can’t come tonight. So my friend is going to come instead. She’s great. That’s ok, right?

I’m delighted you’ve got friends and I’m sure they are lovely. But no – someone else cannot take a class that you have paid for. Classes are not transferable to anyone else. The only exception to this rule is if you are purchasing as a gift for someone or paying on their behalf, or if someone else is paying on your behalf. Awesome! Ensure you put their name and contact details in when you register/pay for the session. If you are unsure, then contact me to chat about it – 0422 963 207 or email me.


I’ve got a question you haven’t answered. Oops. What do we do now?

Well, as they say, there are no silly questions, plus as an added bonus, I love questions!

So go ahead, ask away: call me (Brie) on 0422 963 207 or send me an email