asana - kriya - posture

move and be well in your body
employ core awareness and somatic movement principles in practice and life to get the most out of your body and support wellness in your muscles, joints and bodily systems.


Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga – learn Asana (postures) and Kriyas (groups of dynamic healing postures) to live and move well in your body, creating balance and inviting healing and balance of strength and flexibility in muscles, joints, tissues and organs.

  • Learn how to practice yoga asana's safely and for best impact in YOUR body
  • Learn how to adapt asana/yoga postures as you need
  • Get support for a home practice that is truely beneficial
  • Explore practices for specific purposes or goals (physical, energetic, psycho-emotional) - this also translates over to your daily life and learning how to live and move well in your body.
  • Learn to walk move and be in your body in ways that promote overall health and wellbeing, as well as ways that enhance your state of mind/being/health.
  • Explore connections between feeling and being through developing sensory awareness of your body
  • Learn about listening to your body: when to listen, and when not to

Discover ways to build, move and balance energy along with your bodily systems to enhance your health and wellbeing.