GOOD GUTS    |   Wisdom & Wellness Session

with Dr. Natalie Fitzpatrick (Acupuncturist & Integrative Medicine Practitioner)
& Briellen McAlpine (Breathwork Practitioner, Senior Yoga & Meditation Teacher)

The Wisdom and Wellness Session that gives you the knowledge and support that you need to:

- make informed health choices, moving beyond overwhelm and denial

- cut through the minefield of health fads, BS and pills that either don’t deliver or create new issues

- learn ways to support your body in being as healthy as it can be, starting with your Gut/ GIT

- get your mind & nervous system aligned with your goals - get past your inner saboteur

[ all disease begins in the gut. and so does your health. ]

SUNDAY 17th March

9am-1pm   |  Zen Space, Samford

$115 earlybird until 1st March | $145 on the day


This session is perfect for you if you are struggling with health and gut issues:
bloating, IBS, leaky gut,
food mal-absorption / allergies, autoimmune conditions,
poor immunity,
cancer, joint disease,
skin issues,
mental and emotional challenges like anxiety, depression, brain fog...

….. the list goes on.

In fact good health and good moods begin with your gut, and in today’s environment, we all benefit from enhancing our digestive health to be in our best health.


- 4 hours immersed in the latest on Gut Health - no fads, no gimmicks, real information and techniques that really work, and when to use them

- prana yoga, meditation, breathwork and other healing practices to get your body healing itself and make sure you leave the day feeling good

- body awareness practices - being aware of your body is one of the most powerful things you can do for your health

- comprehensive handouts so you have the information you need at hand, to bring it into your life

- yoga practice notes and a recorded meditation/yoga nidra practice so you can keep building a healthier body at home

““I highly recommend the Good Guts workshop!!! What an awesome experience. Brie and Nat are a fantastic team sharing their wisdom from a traditional, modern and yoga point of view. The material you go home with is great too. I loved it!!!
— — Arna T, Acupuncturist, Brisbane

All disease begins in the GUT.

Hippocrates knew it.

Current science is gradually catching up on it.

Learning about your gut, what depletes and what nurtures your gut health is probably the most important thing you can do for your health and well being, as well as that of your family.

Join us for a radically informative and inspiring workshop that is devoted to your good gut health - what it takes, and its role on your overall wellbeing.

Drawing on over 50 years of combined experience in our fields, we have gathered up the best of ancient wisdom and cutting edge science, bringing it all together expertly so that you can better enjoy your best health.

The wisdom and techniques that we share, we use ourselves to both heal and avert dis-ease in our own bodies, as well as with clients -  bringing to you the benefit of both our knowledge AND our hands on experience.

This session includes 4 hours of empowering wellness wisdom - including healing prana yoga and meditation practices - and is designed to give you the know how to build and support your digestive health and overall wellbeing.


~ it all begins with your Gut ~


LEARN:          what leaky gut is, and how your digestion can move from 'leaky' to healthy

EXPLORE:      what's behind autoimmune disease, chronic health issues, energy levels & your state of mind

UNLOCK:        keys to better immunity, better moods, and pathways to healing for yourself & loved ones

EXPERIENCE:  transformative prana yoga, breathwork and meditation practices that will help your body to rest and digest as it should ( but quite probably can't ).

Expect to come away from this dynamic and informative Wisdom & Wellness session INSPIRED, REJUVENATED, and armed with practical information and powerful techniques that you can employ in your life immediately, as well as having enjoyed a supportive, healing yoga and meditation experience.


Booking and prepayment required

$115 EARLYBIRD until 1st March | $145 on the day

bookings open!

 " All disease begins in the gut."




And so does healing.
Good Guts - our signature health and wellbeing workshop - is about helping you to get your 'guts' (aka your digestive system) back in order as a strong and healthy baseline to your overall health and wellbeing.

Going beyond good digestion - good guts include a strong gut wall and healthy microbiome, supporting good immunity, good moods, healthy immune responses, decreasing our chances of cancer and autoimmune conditions, and helping reduce any existing disease load we may already have.

Gut discomfort and poor health don’t have to be your life.

Come along and take part in a powerful morning that includes:

  - current on-point information,

 - ancient wisdom, 

 - yoga and meditation practices

....all focused on supporting you to having your guts 'going and glowing' with good health, so that you are empowered to live your life vibrantly, in a healthier, more radiant body.


This session is perfect for you if you are struggling with gut issues - such as bloating, IBS, leaky gut, food mal-absorption/allergies -  autoimmune conditions, poor immunity, cancer, joint disease, skin issues, as well as mental and emotional challenges... the list goes on.

In fact, good health and good moods begin with your gut, and most of us will benefit from enhancing our digestive health.


What is now being verified scientifically is that many health issues can be supported, avoided and potentially healed by addressing the health and functioning of our guts/digestive system.

Together we will explore:

  • easy to implement lifestyle tips to help you heal and support your gut function,

  • do-able yoga and meditation to support your bodies ability to self regulate and self heal - functions that can be compromised or lost when our guts are 'leaky' or otherwise not able to function naturally.


Nourishment from food depends
upon two powers:
 the ability to receive food
& the power to transform that
food into nutrients.



In our modern world, many of our food sources are now too processed or marred by poor soils, genetic modification, chemical fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and over farming that depletes the land of nutrients... which means less nutritional value in those plants for us too.

The old saying "You are what you eat" no longer suffices: our glaring reality is that we are what we eat eats...and that includes the plants. 
Another old medical saying -  death begins in the bowel - is proving statistically to be true.

 GOOD GUTS:  we will look at the phenomenon that is commonly called 'Leaky Gut' - or intestinal permeability syndrome, for the more medically inclined among us. This is where our gut wall has become too permeable, leading to malfunction in the intestinal tight junctions, creating imbalances in our microbiome and allowing toxins, microbes and poorly digested food particles into our bloodstream.

When this happens it causes inflammation throughout your body, which set us up for many non-genetic diseases.

Again - all disease begins in the gut.

Are you ready to actively participate in enhancing your health & wellbeing??


In this workshop we will look at all of the major factors that trigger Leaky Gut, and ways in which we can help our microbiome and gut to recover their function - so your digestion, transformation and excretion systems work well and support you to reduce your risk and the impact of disease.


An important thing to remember in all this is that there is hope: your gut lining CAN heal, and chronic disease can actually resolve.


This session is for you if you are looking to learn about ways you can support yourself to reduce your risk of dis-ease states - from the common cold, through autoimmune conditions to cancer - and support yourself better with any existing conditions. 



We know - there is a lot of information out there, there is no 'one answer', the causes are as multilayered as the potential solutions and the key for you is not necessarily the key for me.

And there is hope, there are great (read: actually helpful, not just the latest fad) and easy things you can be doing everyday to help and support yourself - from the foods you eat, to things you do.

Even daily meditation is a powerful part of the equation - it helps you have a clear mind & make better life choices, as well as supporting your bodies natural healing capacities.




We will share:

 - SIMPLE, SMART techniques that you can instantly integrate into your daily life

 - DYNAMIC YOGA to support digestive health and de-stress your systems (chronic stress = disease)

 - POWERFUL MEDITATION & BREATHWORK practices that will help you to reset your autonomic nervous system - so you can 'rest and digest - feed and breed", decrease cortisol and increase your resilience - your ability to shift between active and rested states.


Importantly, we use these techniques and practices in our own lives -  we know they work, we know they are doable, we know the challenges and ways to help you make it work for you.


– enhance your assimilation and digestion of life - good food, good mood – increase energy levels & stamina – boost immunity - speed recovery - reduce joint pain and excess weight


wisdom & wellness session

with Dr. Natalie Fitzpatrick & Briellen McAlpine

NEXT SESSION:  SUNDAY 17th March | 9am-1pm

@ Zen Space, Samford

$115 earlybird until 1st March | $145 on the day

Booking and prepayment required - click here for terms and conditions

good guts:  for good health & good moods


Dr Natalie Fitzpatrick

Acupuncturist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Gut Health Expert, Teacher and Healer
( here with the very cute Coco Chanel)


Briellen McAlpine

Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner, Senior Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner, Breathing & nervous system specialist

Learn more about Dr Natalie Fitzpatrick and her Acupuncture & Healing practice here:

Get some background on how Natalie came to do the extensive research and implementation that is behind what we share in this session
"The Story behind Good GUTS"


Learn More about Briellen McAlpine (that's me on the right) right here


Natalie and Brie are a dynamic teaching and healing duo - Natalie has been an acupuncturist for over 25 years with over 10 years experience lecturing in subjects such as food as medicine;  Brie has been moving energy and teaching kundalini yoga & meditation for well over 15; we are both experienced educators/trainers in our respective fields and we LOVE bringing this knowledge to you intelligently, engagingly, and usefully. 

Between us we bring you a wealth of experience and information gleaned from the medical and alternative health worlds; deliver it clearly (untangling the jargon and not forgetting the odd belly laugh), all with the deep understanding that comes from doing this work ourselves, on ourselves as well as our clients.

As holistic practitioners, we love to teach people how to integrate traditional food medicine and yogic techniques with current scientific evidence to motivate individuals and communities to eat well, live well and inspire others to live healthy lives.

We know that we all learn best by example - we live what we teach, not always 'perfectly'  - whatever that is -  always in a real life way, and always from our hearts.