breathe - air


The simplest things are often the most powerful - unlock the power of your breath to help consciously shift your energy when you need it.
Support yourself in developing a life of depth and meaning, that is also vibrant, energised, yours.
breathe well, be well.


Breathwork, Pranayama & Rebirthing

Breath work – Breathing is the first thing you do when you enter this world, and the last thing you will do before you leave. In between those two breaths, each breath has the potential to shape and form your moment.

You are born with a natural breath, your signature rhythm, and when that breath pattern & rhythm is disturbed or somehow lost, your health and wellbeing go with them.

What can that mean for you??

Poor breathing habits can lead to states and challenges such as being stuck in fight or flight mode/sympathetic overdrive, suffering stress and trauma, an increase in disease as your body is deprived of the oxygen it needs, increased inflammation, as well as negative impacts on your mental-emotional states.

In private breathwork sessions we can explore:

  • reconnecting to your natural breath - releasing muscles and other blocks that are inhibiting your breath
  • learn specific breath techniques to support your body and mind in o different states, for example:  self-healing, calming, energising, transmute emotions, managing thought patterns, deal with addiction, working with your neuroplasiticity for better states of mind and better outcomes
  • explore techniques that transform and uplift for personal growth, self knowledge and transformation
  • rebirth for a deep reset back into your natural patterns, clearing out the patterns of the past ( mental and emotional patterns that keep you stuck in some way,  repeating unhelpful behaviours) and returning to the present moment

Sometimes a good breath is exactly what you need.