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a seasonal session - Winter Solstice  |   Saturday 23 June   |  1.30-5pm 

 [ Rest. Connect to stillness and silence. Listen. ]

prana yoga. meditation. healing and alignment practices. gong sound bath. contemplation.


 $90 per person                or                $130  for two when you pay together

Booking essential. Payment required to secure your place.  Terms & Conditions apply - click here.


A 3.5 hour immersion in transformative prana yoga, meditation, gong (sound) bath, rebirthing/conscious breathwork and self-healing practices.


This session is  carefully created to help you listen, reflect, accept and be in the stillness and clarity of the WINTER SOLSTICE for your personal healing - connected deeply to nature and You.

As part of our cycle of Seasonal Sessions (4 sessions per year, held at the Solstices and Equinoxes), which give cardinal points in the natural year, heralding a shift in energy flow - at Winter the shift is the point of full inward turning, the last moments of decline before the cycles of building recommence.

Connect with the declining energies of Winter as we take our yearly pilgrimage within.  Tune in to your inner rhythms and the seasonal cycles of nature, countering some of the impact of our modern life that is so removed from nature.

The Winter Solstice is the embodiment of stillness.
The perfect time to listen, listen and listen again.
To hear behind your expectations and beliefs, to listen beyond the noise and demands of ego/mind and culture.

This is your time to assess, reflect and align before you commit your energies and resources to the next phase. This gives you the opportunity to redirect if you need, to know that you are heading in a direction that serves you, to release what is done with, all while you receive nourishment  and direction from deep within your own being.

LISTEN. Turn inward. Endings making room for new beginnings.

The essence of Winter.

[ silence. stillness. LISTEN. ]

WHEN:     Saturday 23 June,   1.30-5pm

Location: HAiKU Arts & Yoga Studio,   71 Russell St, West End, 4105

Session Fee:  $90  /   $75 Earlybird until 7 June, or Winter Double Special $130 for two ( paid together)



QUESTIONS:   contact Brie.  Phone/SMS : 0422 963 207    email: brie@briellenmcalpine.com

Booking essential. Payment required to secure your place.  Terms & Conditions apply - click here.

How will we do this??

Through these transformative techniques:

PRANA YOGA ::: move your body and shift your energy, align with the cool crisp clear energies of winter. Accept what is, release what is gone, make space for clarity, focus and new vision.

BREATHWORK ::: breathe the depth of Winters energies, listen to the sound of the sacred as it moves through you.

Enter into your  depths with the support of winter;  see with grace, deep appreciation and compassion to support yourself in experiencing the stillness of your soul through connected conscious breath.

CHANTING & MEDITATION :::  clear away the dead wood, sing over the bones of what brings your soul truly alive. Be centred and awake, open to self love and radical self acceptance.

Neo-shamanic HEALING practices :::  dive deep, initiate self-healing, learn the value of life in death and death in life. embrace what is. Be with your soul.

All carefully woven together to create an afternoon experience that opens you in body, heart, mind and soul - creating alignment and self healing throughout.

Prepare your 'inner ground' for positive growth and next steps that come from the yearnings of your soul, rather than the trappings of your mind, for deeper fulfillment and nourishment in life.

Take affirmative action in building a life that answers and expresses the call of your inner voice - your sovereign self, your gentle and absolute right to be you, in a way that is yours.

This session is time & space for the life that lies within you, for the breath that lies waiting to connect you more deeply with you. Honouring your inner world, nurturing your outer world. Connecting to your place in Our world.

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The Seasonal Sessions are quarterly half day workshops that I hold at the Solstices and Equinoxes, to help you navigate your year from a heart and soul centred place.

They offer a pause from your busy modern life, and an opportunity to check in with your current direction.

This time together is the perfect antidote to overwhelm, burnout, and our modern disconnection from nature.

Experience a gentle nurturing way to come home to yourself, to rest in your essence and restore your autonomy.

You can read more about the 'why' behind the Seasonal Sessions HERE.

[ silence. stillness. LISTEN ]