get on the mat every week

share and enjoy your practice in a friendly group setting



Tuesday 6.30-8pm
Sunday 9.30-11am

Please book - full details below, classes run in blocks and sometimes we need to skip a week. If you cant make the full block, contact me to chat about your options.

Your Physical Body - the Annamaya Kosha Series - Sundays from 19 Nov - details here
Your Inner Wisdom - the Vijnanamaya Kosha Series - Tuesdays from 21 Nov - details here

Missed the start date or don't want to wait?? contact me to chat about joining anytime
email me or text/ph 0422 963 207



Coming together in regular group classes uplifts and challenges you in ways and places that you simply won't touch in your own practice, or even in our private sessions together.

In a group you are gently supported to go a little deeper, to reach a little more honestly, to explore and play with the edges of your body and understanding, and laugh together along the way.

These classes are perfect for people looking for:

  • greater health and vitality in their body
  • increased clarity of mind
  • deeper sense of connection (personal and beyond)
  • creating positive shifts in their body, mind and life
  • a class that includes postural yoga, breathing practices, meditation and traditional yogic teachings/philosophies


Grab some friends, come solo, but do come if you are ready to get more real, more you, more in your body and more in your life.
Grab your mat ( or one of mine if you don't have one) and come on down for a seriously fun yoga and meditation class that explores yoga, meditation, breath and being with a group of lovely people.

These classes are for you if you are looking to give some time and energy to yourself, and use that time to support yourself in health and wellness, so that you can bring that into the world.

My classes are not a quick fix, and they do offer myriad of opportunities for real change. The practices we engage in have the capacity to help you move, breath and live more fully - to destress and free yourself up from the inside out.

You will likely be feeling the very good vibes within moments of starting your first class, and with more practice, the benefits will grow and deepen into your body mind and spirit.

In your life this might look like:

  •   increasing strength, flexibility and body awareness; a more 'real' idea of your bodies capacity
  •   improvements in your health and immunity
  •   improved balance and movement
  •   decreased feelings of stress and anxiety, coupled with an increasing capacity to deal with stress, challenges and disharmony
  •  greater clarity of mind,  increased ability to focus
  •  better breathing and energy levels
  •  increasing emotional intelligence - capacity to deal with emotions effectively
  •  feeling better within and about yourself, and your life

Enjoy authentic yoga practices- including breathwork/pranayama and meditation - enhanced by practices of embodiment and deep presence.

And, to help you to build your practice and deepen your experience while we support commitment and community, my classes run in blocks - with extra discounts when you book more than one.

Looking forward to sharing some mat time with you soon, and please do get in touch if you have any questions.



NEXT SERIES: Focusing on practices that explore our inner wisdom, perception and intuition  - this is Vijnanamaya Kosha -  or the knowledge sheath.
Look forward to exploring some of the deeper practices of yoga, as a gateway to developing self understanding, and nurturing the deeper aspects of being human.
This will include meditative practices as well as transformative yoga, breathwork and deep relaxation, carefully combined in a well rounded practice designed to all draw you into a deeper relationship with the many layers of yourself.


6.30-8pm TUESDAYS

class runs in 4 week BLOCKS

21, 28 November  + 5, 12 December
LOCATION:  The Social Space    |       21 Clifton St, Moorooka (cnr Fleur)

COST: $80 for the block

regular terms & conditions apply - click here

ss t sunday.jpg


9.30-11am SUNDAYS

LOCATION:  JS Dance (Moorooka Lions Club Hall)

131 Koala Road, Moorooka (cnr Koala Rd & Hillview Terrace)

NEXT SERIES: Annamaya Kosha - your physical body - learn more

Wake up Easy on a Sunday Morning; breathe, move and explore your world through your body and mind.

unwind tension

reset imbalances

rewire your mind

remove blocks

These sessions are carefully designed to be accessible to different levels of experience and capacity, focusing on your experience in your body in the moment, rather than any ideal or image.

Look forward to feeling relaxed and vibrantly alive, and enjoying those good feelings in your body & mind through the day, through your week.


November Series: 
19, 26 Nov + 3 Dec                   $60




Booking and Prepayment required.
regular terms & conditions apply - click here

Can't make the whole block, but really want to get into yoga and meditation??
Contact me to discuss your options and see how I can best support you.

A little more about YOUR weekly classes

dynamic - moving - Prana yoga and meditation classes with Brie

These sessions are designed to get your body moving, free up your breath, clear your mind and leave you feeling refreshed and calmly energised.

Think: feeling alive and balanced in body, mind and spirit.

In these classes you will explore your body, breath and being through the practice of authentic dynamic yoga (we move with the breath, levels range from gentle to strong) and meditation; from the practical to the mystical and everything in between.

These sessions offer you the perfect balance of authentic practices from tantrik lineages, taught with a grounded modern mindset and current leading movement principles for safe and effective practice that gives real support and supports real change where you need it. And a good laugh when we need it.


Real yoga and meditation, for real people, looking for real growth and connection.


You don't need to be particularly stretchy or strong, nor to have any particular experience - in fact you will be learning how to understand what you have, and how to use it in the most beneficial way, to get the results that you need.


Yoga is not about flexibility; yoga is union and balance - balance between strength and flexibility, balance between inner and outer, balance between body, mind and spirit.

Joining these classes you can feel confident you are in good hands; I bring 15 years of experience teaching and studying yoga to the mat and love sharing my learning with you in a safe, inclusive and fun way.