:::   immersions & practitioner training :::

with Georgia Hovey

Internationally renowned seminar leader and gifted teacher.

Georgia has over 45 years experience in the personal growth field. She is an LRT (Loving Relationships) Certified Rebirther Trainer, has counselled thousands of clients and led workshops all over the world, training others to use the rebirthing breathwork technique with their clients.

first breath | life imitates birth

An indepth introduction to Rebirthing Breathwork, and the foundation for practitioner training.
Learn about the power of your birth, and its impact your life.
Free yourself and open to your personal truth.

21-24 March, 2019
Harmony Body Mind Centre, Nerang
(deposits by 10 Feb)


business, birth & You

live beyond ‘problems’ - embrace possibility
Explore Rebirthing Breathwork and working in our changing world. Learn about the opportunities that are opening up as our world evolves, and how your birth script influences your working life.

6 & 7 April, 2019
Harmony Body Mind Centre, Nerang
(deposits by 20 Feb)


heal trauma and behavioural patterns that hold you back
clear your cellular memory for deep healing
connect to your intuition, embodying a sense of inner knowing and self-trust
awaken to your innate self healing capacities
liberate yourself, step into self leadership