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bright new year


$285** for 3 hours of private yoga, meditation or healing

Tailored to you.
The perfect way to invest your christmas money, and your holiday time (or give yourself some holiday hours!).

YOGA - MEDITATION - HEALING - you choose one modality or a combination of them.

Not sure what you need?? Then we will chat and work it out prior to your first session, and we can adjust if we need to. It's all about meeting your needs - starting where you are at, heading in your direction. Creating together the experience that is just right for you.

This is the perfect way to align, energise, heal and uplift :::  start your year well and set yourself up for 2018.

I wont promise that it will be all rainbows and unicorns from there in (I wish! and I would be calling Oprah! Actually, I'd start my own TV channel! ;) but you will be well euipped to meet what the year has in store for you.

What are the benefits that you can expect??

-  start the year from a place of greater clarity
      read: reduce inner distractions & confusion
better energy levels,
     read: cultivate the energy you need, meet life's demands, tap into your inner resources intelligently and effectively
- feel better in your body, read: move and breathe more naturally, deepen your awareness and comfort in "the skin you are in" - no tricky poses, lots of movement and postural tips

You can purchase you pack right here, right now - and take your next step towards a Bright New Year.

3hrs of private yoga-meditation-healing:    $285*

** value: $360. Special conditions: sessions must be used by 28 Feb 2018.
Standard terms & conditions also apply - click here

VENUE: Sessions are held in my Private Yoga & Healing clinic in Moorooka, on a time and day that suits -  clinic hours are Wed-Sunday.

Once your payment is made, I will be in touch to arrange your sessions, along with any other details we need to arrange for your package.
If you would like to chat in advance, we can do that too - call me/Brie on 0422 963 207, or email me with your questions.

What's in the Bright New Year package??

3 hours of deep and resonant practice, mentoring and healing, individually tailored for You

3 hours devoted to you.  Unravel where you are at, clarify your direction, and refine and align your next moves through yoga, meditation and/or healing practices.
Each session includes ongoing practices for you to use for the next 40 days to consolidate and integrate.

Practically, your three hours can look like:  

  • 3 hours devoted to private yoga &/or meditation classes:
    explore the physical, breathe better, calm your mind            or
  • 3 hours of mentoring/shamanic practice/energy healing:
    explore the subtle realms and your own inner workings, delve into healing and growth        or
  • your personal combination - totalling 3hrs, to cultivate what you need in an inspired and deeply personal way

How is it delivered??

These three hours of treatment/personal instruction are delivered in my private yoga & healing studio,  or we can work together anywhere in the world via skype/zoom. They can be delivered as one, two or three sessions:

3 x 1 hour sessions or

2 x 1.5 hour dive-in sessions or

1 x 3 hour mini-retreat.


Package Price: $285* for 3 hours of tuition/healing (Value: $360)
*SPECIAL TERMS & CONDITIONS:  sessions must be booked and used by February 28, 2018
Standard terms and conditions also apply, including 24hr cancellation policy for all booked sessions.
Click here to read my regular terms and conditions.

have a bright new year, inside and out