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 bringing health, wellbeing and a touch of the mystical
to your body and your life

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Seasonal Sessions

Move through your year accompanied by the natural rhythms of the world we live in - natures seasonal cycles.

Connect in quarterly healing and self discovery sessions aligned with the Solstice and Equinoxes, creating your own inner compass and healing cycles.

Perfect for those looking for deep and heart centred life that is rich, rewarding and nourishing in body, mind and spirit.

Sat 23 June

Work with Me

Move in the directions you intend, consciously create a life you love.
Conscious Breathwork:  uncover and release patterns via connected conscious breathing. Breathe freedom into your life.
Private yoga, meditation, & relaxation packages designed for you, meeting your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual needs.
Personal Healing Sessions: Energetic & Neo-Shamanic healing,  Reiki, Soul Sessions, Tantric Numerology all about you from a subtle perspective.

What you need, for you & your life.

movement and energy medicine.jpgmovement and energy medicine

You don't need to be stronger, more flexible,
a better person, smarter,
or more peaceful.

You don't need to stop thinking,
or wait until the stars align.

You don't need to be anyone
or anything
other than yourself
in this body that you are wearing.
Right now.


And from there - from here -  there is so much to experience, uncover and explore.

Doing it together means you get support when you need it,
a gently expanding challenge when you need it,
and the simple joy of real human connection.

That is medicine for your body mind and soul right there.

You can call yourself a modern day warrior, a spiritual gangster, a regular peep or a black sheep; if you are interested in exploring your body, mind and spirit, getting to know yourself and our world better,  welcome.


If you would like to stand more clearly and confidently as yourself in your world, engaged with our world and the people in it, again, welcome.

Explore the sacred in the everyday, the magic in simplicity, and the depth and breadth of being human through your body and breath.

Experience yoga, meditation and practices of the wisdom traditions - the original cybernaughts of human experience and beyond.

Go beyond the 'regular' in Prana Yoga & Meditation - my signature practice. You will learn to breathe and move in greater harmony - with healthy strength and flexibility, along with ways to support your own well-being, and live better with your mind and emotions. Comfortable in your own skin. Befriending your mind and emotions.

The result:  Better health, better relationships, decreased stress, increased job satisfaction, increased focus and productivity across your life, with greater resilience as you build the inner resources and gather the tools and wisdom that you need to adapt and grow in our ever changing world.

Join me, lets dance this to the end of time
(with the odd random song line thrown in as a bonus...).