the wellbeing of your business

[  is the sum of the wellbeing of the people you have working in it  ]


The ‘yoga’ of business: creating balance, healthy mindsets and relationships that connect and grow in your workplace.

- support your team members in their health and wellbeing

- nurturing balance in your workplace culture

- reducing and managing stress in the the workplace and beyond

- relationship building and communication

Create and nurture a workplace that is the sum of your people, aligned with the goals and purpose of the business - workplace culture that nourishes, businesses that thrive.


The goal of yoga, as in healing, is to move towards oneness.  In business, in the corporate world, if you aren't embracing all that your employees are, you aren't giving them the opportunity to bring their best to the work place.


Is your business a bunch of parts, or the greater sum of everyone's contribution?


Contact me today to talk about ways we can draw from the vast teachings of yoga, meditation and conscious breathwork to help your team members in bringing their best selves to work, and helping your company be a resounding success.
We will make it practical, accessible and do-able in your workplace culture.

Benefits can include:

 - increased personal and group coherence,

 - increased wellbeing and effective productivity in projects big and small

 - increase happiness in the workplace, cultivate better communication, focus and innovation

 - team building

 - physical, mental and/or emotional health and wellbeing - decreased illness

 - self care, dealing with trauma, balanced living

 - moving beyond limitations, blocks and other factors that can be subconsciously inhibiting or even pulling down your team members in personal and work realms ( hint: they're connected!)


bookings & session fees

Corporate sessions are individually priced, according to your goals and needs, contact me/ Brie to chat about your needs, today.


Briellen McAlpine (Brie)

ph 0422 963 207