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 Prana Yoga & Meditation Course

Wed Nights   :::  6-7.30pm  :::  8 weeks from 7 Feb

@ Haiku Arts & Yoga Studio
71 Russell St, West End


Series Fee:   $150 earlybird

earlybird pricing until Feb 1st, $160 after



contact me/Brie to put your name on the waitlist/be notified for upcoming classes

  ph 0422 963 207 or email

terms and conditions

Ready for a transformational Yoga & Meditation practice that will
clear your mind,
free up your energy and
get your body feeling fantastic
all while you
relax and build inner connections??

Sure, that's quite a lot for a yoga and meditation practice, AND with the right kind of practice and guidance,
you can be supported to bring strength, balance and healing
to your physical body:     such as your muscular, hormonal and nervous systems,
the subtler parts of you:    your mind and emotions get a clear out and balance,
and the spiritual parts of you:  build self knowledge and self experience.

Hi, I'm Briellen McAlpine and I developed Prana Yoga & Meditation so that modern day seekers like me would have a system of Yoga and Meditation that embraces all of who we are - more than a body, more than a mind  - beings of body mind and spirit  - with all the authenticity, and no excess woo-woo.

Prana Yoga & Meditation draws on my 15 years of teaching practice, and is infused with my bright curious spirit (dedicated, deep and a bit cheeky!).
My aim with this practice is to support you to live better in our busy modern world.

You don't need to be stuck in overwhelm; tired, or feeling lost. Its time for you to come home. Home to your body, home to your Self, living a life YOU love.

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This is PRANA YOGA & MEDITATION: energy medicine for body, mind & spirit


we might call it the art of sensing and balance

and each class is designed to support you in shifting. real. deep. shifting of your 'stuff'.

releasing tension from your body, outmoded habits & beliefs from your mind, old emotions from your cells

connect with your strengths - embrace your weaknesses - get into some radical self acceptance

 - the best ways to heal and increase your energy -



This modern life is constantly drawing us away from ourselves - away from our bodies as we live in our heads, away from natural varied movement, away from our inner world (no social media there!) and into states of growing disarray, imbalance and poor health.


You get stuck doing things you don't want to in ways that don't serve you.

Whether for you it's a mind full of endless thoughts and worries that run away with you, a body that is just not the way it used to be (or worse - stiff, sore, unwell in minor or major ways), emotions that you can't control or perhaps more a feeling of I-dont-know-what-but-its-just-not-right.


The human condition is complex  -  navigating that complexity can be overwhelming, or a rich and rewarding experience - you get to choose which!

Seriously - I know, it can be hard, impossible feeling even - I have been there millions of times!

and so the things I share in my classes are the tools I use to live better in this world,  today. The tools I use to shift and shovel my shit, and turn it into fertiliser.

These tools can also  help you to shift in positive or helpful ways, so that you can create for yourself:


(what you need when you need it)

(yes to increased creativity, focus and even intuition)

(not taxing or overwhelming)

(move & breathe more freely, greater strength + flexibility)

(inner peace on tap ;)

(know yourself!)

more energy

clarity of mind      

a rich and rewarding emotional life

a healthier, happier body                                          

the ability to rest, and breathe when you need to      

along with greater confidence and calm        

and you can too.


your Prana Yoga & Meditation classes address all of YOU,

and support you to integrate and nurture the many aspects of your self - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and they are delivered in a way that is accessible, practical, meaningful and fun - because we don't want to get too heavy, even when we go deep.


Joining these classes you will experience:

Intelligent movement and yoga practices - both ancient and cutting edge for optimal health
(from somatic exploration to biotensegrity to vagal tone and healthy joints)

Powerful breathwork - from natural breathing through to more advanced practices,

Transformative meditations - silent, breath oriented and chanting/mantra,

Self exploration and yogic philosophy

Look forward to decreasing stress levels & getting into your body (embodiment), resetting and strengthening your nervous system ( hello well toned vagus nerve) while you build health and vitality in your body, mind and spirit/inner self.

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Session are as deep as they are fun, magical and dynamic.

You will leave feeling relaxed, energised, calm and uplifted.

I  have been teaching and practising yoga, meditation and energetic medicine for well over 15 years - my students love the uplifting and informative nature of my teaching that allows them to let go and relax more deeply into themselves.

The space that I hold that is safe,  light and inclusive; with my aim in each session being to support you in getting the shifts that you need to live well in today’s world.


This class is not for you if
 - you think getting your foot behind your head or working up a huge sweat is the only key to a good yoga class
 - you would rather hide from your troubles or just loll about in your comfort zone (not that I'm pushy :)
 - you aren't open to new ways of stretching (hint: its not about stretching!) or being
 - you don't care to explore new ways of creating health and wellbeing
- you think feeling is a swear word
- you are healthy and happy and don't want to experience any more of that, thank you

I welcome all levels of experience and physical capacity, bring your curious self and together we will find ways to get the most out of where you are.

You will learn how to use and 'Be' in your body in an intelligent, integrated and health supporting way, and then we get to play and dance along the edges, expanding into out possibilities with grace, grit and a good laugh when we need it.

“Brie has the ability to discover within us all that unique ability to move a little deeper, or stay a little longer - and still be true to your needs, your body’s needs and value the individual person on the mat.

.....more than simply yoga...every session provides the opportunity for each individual in the class to experience mindful growth through movement and stillness. There is the combination of yoga and breath work, but also a touch of shamanic healing, a pinch of humour, and a subtleness that has one unlocking an emotion, or moving an energetic blockage so we discover our uniqueness and we move from our darkness to our light.
Every word is spoken with humility, honour and comes from the heart. For all those reasons, and many many more I honour Brie as a teacher, a mentor and a friend, and I recommend her teachings...”
— Jill T. Brisbane, long term yoga student, Yoga Teacher & Nurse

undo the knots, unravel the ties that bind

release and reveal what lies within

embark upon a journey of self discovery


energy medicine for body mind & soul