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take a six week dive into the practice of prana yoga & meditation
learn to practice safely and effectively
deepen your knowledge  :::  shift your energy
clear your mind ::: soothe your emotions
while you build your yoga experience, and 'inner calm' bank

:::   FOUNDATIONS  :::
beginners yoga & meditation  6 wk course

Wednesday Night   |   7.30-9pm   |  2nd May - 6th June

booking & prepayment essential    |   click here for terms & conditions

 LOCATION:     Haiku Arts & Yoga Studio ,  71 Russell St, West End
CLASS FEES:  $180 for six weeks, comprehensive notes included

Join me for a 6 week FOUNDATION course in prana yoga & meditation practices
Perfect for you to BEGIN yoga and meditation
Perfect to for you to refresh and deepen your existing practice

Build good foundations - a rich understanding of yoga & meditation, and a deep understanding of your body and mind.


 - the hows and why's of prana yoga and meditation

- keys and principles for a safe and effective yoga practice, in YOUR body

- current principles in intelligent movement and embodied awareness

- how to listen to your body, be in your body and adapt your practice

- healthy breathing as well as specific breathing techniques & their purposes

- meditation what it is, and isn't (and how anyone CAN do it)
- the purpose and how of techniques such as chanting, energy locks, mudras and more - practices you can easily incorporate into your daily life, that support you to live better in every moment

This course will give you the experience and knowledge that you need for a safe, solid and rewarding yoga and meditation practice both in class, and at home.
Comprehensive notes are included!

The adventure started for me with Brie’s beginners Yoga course! Wow, frog squats, sufi rolls, ... wonderful mantras, poses and breathing techniques. I was a novice, this was wonderful. Who knew I would learn to breathe properly,... and I would find a peace and serenity from deep relaxation each week.
......What I love most about Brie and her style is the acceptance and understanding that we are all individuals.....
She is intuitive, supportive and non-judgemental in her approach.....
Brie’s Yoga is not to be missed and should be on everyone’s MUST do weekly list!
— Rachael C, Brisbane, Forever the beginner

balance - yoga is part of your nature
stretch - open - expand
stand on good foundations
reach beyond the ordinary
awaken to the extraordinary

Prana Yoga & Meditation is an invaluable tool to help you live your life better.

It works through your physical body to create real change in your mind (neuroplasticity) and nervous system (balance, strengthen, get out of stress and trauma states) so that you get change that not only sticks, but improves and connects your life on physical, mental-emotional and spiritual levels.

Because you are not a body, or your thoughts, or a spiritual journey

You are a human being having an experience that encompasses all of that.

And so should your Yoga & Meditation practice.

better movement, increased strength and flexibility, a calmer mind, increased energy and smoother emotions - these are just some of the benefits that a regular yoga practice can bring you.


You can also look forward to a deep sense of wellbeing,
your best health and
a vibrance that  lights you up.

take a step towards: saying good bye to mental fog, emotional distress, overwhelm, stressed out and tired

say hello to: greater focus, balance, direction, creativity and intuition, a sense of connection and the potential to experience and understand your inner world as a source of strength, guidance and inspiration.





Join us, and connect with your inner and outer capacities,

Enhance your health and wellbeing,
be more relaxed in yourself,
take a step in trusting yourself.

Explore your personal depth and meaning.


FOUNDATIONS ::: Beginner Yoga & Meditation Course
6 weeks of learning & transformation

PERFECT FOR: Beginners, those new to yoga, people ready for a refresher, and those looking to dig deeper
- all welcome -

experience yourself and the world with new eyes,
with a new FOUNDATION.

2 May - 6 June  7.30-9pm, West End  | $180, comprehensive notes included

Bookings essential. Call Brie (me) on 0422 963 207 with any questions.
Check Terms & Conditions.

Brie creates a very warm and welcoming atmosphere in her classes. The experience is free from judgment and individuality is encouraged. Each time I attend a yoga class with Brie, I regain my energy, my sense of compassion and self-worth, and I leave with a clear mind and a renewed perspective of the world.
I have relied upon the meditative techniques that I learned in Brie’s classes to assist me to cope with my most challenging life experiences - including the birth of my two children and the passing of my mother.
I would strongly recommend undertaking an entire course in order to achieve the full benefits of the classes.
— Chelseas C, Mother & Lawyer, G.C

connect to your body, connect to your life
embody it. live it. Bliss.

How will we do this??

Through these transformative techniques:

° SOMATIC EXPLORATION -  gently and softly re-engage with your body using its own language, nourish and reset a depleted nervous system, and restore musculature to native - more blissful states

° PRANA YOGA, to build health and wellbeing, connect with your bodies capacity and natural capacity to experience and cultivate bliss, nourish a healthier relationship with your body

° BREATHWORK to explore your possibilities, clarify and transform unhelpful thought patterns,

° MEDITATION to clear your mind and awaken bliss - clear away the past, self limiting beliefs, doubts and distractions

Come home to your Self, relax into your natural bliss, heal what needs healing,  and step into a deeper experience of life.

humble warrios

You don't need to be a pretzel!
We will learn and use ways of moving and being safely and effectively in the bodies that we have, in the moment we are in, with increased awareness as our foundation and safe movement principles that honour the body as the technique.


Joining these classes feel confident that you are in good hands.

I bring 15 years of experience teaching & studying yoga to the mat, and love sharing my learning and explorations with you in a safe, inclusive, fun way.

Please contact me with any questions that you may have - CLICK HERE

:::   FOUNDATIONS  :::

a 6 week Prana Yoga & Meditation BEGINNERS Course

Booking and prepayment required - click here for terms and conditions

Wednesday Nights,  7.30-9pm  |  6 weeks   |    2 May - 6 June  

LOCATION:  Haiku Arts & Yoga Studio , 71 Russell St, WEST END

CLASS FEES:  $180, comprehensive notes included

move your prana, move your life